Grand Central Style

It’s 8am in New York City.

As commuters in this crazy town, where else would we be?  Rushing through Grand Central Station marks the beginning of the workday for many New Yorkers, so we thought it would be the perfect place to start our joint endeavor, Cubicle Chic.  We learned a lot on that shoot…most importantly that morning shoots aren’t our strong suit ;-). You can fight through the alarm, chase exhaustion with a latte and use an entire pot of concealer, but those dark eye circles will persist! Not to worry, we’ll find a cure for those pesky bags, and when we do our readers will be the first to know.

We founded Cubicle Chic to create a space where we can share our ideas as inspiration for women and men who face the same daily dilemmas in dressing for work (yes, even under-eye circles!). The looks will focus on what to wear to the office, but because we know the nine-to-five is an entire lifestyle, we’ll include weekend looks, too. Our goal is to introduce readers to unique ensembles and pieces that are just as polished as a classic suit with a dose of not-so-classic styling.

Our collaborators, John and Steve, will be bringing you the best (and worst) in gentlemen’s and celebrity fashion, each with his own style and perspective.

So what did we choose to wear for the first (and last!) early morning shoot?  Read on.

Dodging the occasional overwhelmed tourist who had the audacity to pause in the middle of the terminal, we moved with the masses towards the escalators and out into the workday…

I (Lindsay, above) LOVE adding these shoes to a corporate ensemble. The silhouette is fun but still professional, and the color adds a pick-me-up to any corporate office.

I (Meredith, above) just can’t seem to get enough of black.  One of the many reasons to love it is that black makes an excellent background for a colorful accent piece like this great fire-engine red belt my aunt gave me.

Lindsay’s Grand Central Look:

Sunglasses: H&M ($6)

Shoes: Nine West ($40)

Handbag: Hayden-Harnett ($250, down from $650)

Scarf: H&M ($15)

Coat: REISS ($350, down from $550)

Necklace: H&M ($8)

Dress: Zara ($50)

Meredith’s Grand Central Look:

Coat: Marc Jacobs on consignment ($130)

Skirt: Banana Republic ($40)

Shoes: Steve Madden ($60)

Cardigan: H&M ($30)

Shirt: Zara

Belt: family hand-me-down

Bag: Target ($30)

We want to hear from you!  Feel free to send us an email at with your favorite work outfit, your wardrobe woes, jewelry, magical eye concealer … you name it!



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13 responses to “Grand Central Style

  1. Lai

    Love it! The colors are great…. great job girls!

  2. Kate

    GALS! Love these looks! Aren’t you two just the picture of chiiiiic? Lindsay, those heels are outta this world, and Meredith – I’m borrowing the belt.

  3. cici

    felicitations, ma belle! jsuis tres fiere de toi. this is a blog i will definitely follow – stay cubicle chic!

  4. Ellielou

    Congrats, Mere-bear. This looks like fun, and something I will definitely follow so you can impart some of your style sense to me from afar 🙂

  5. Lisa

    Love this! Will definitely be checking in on a regular basis for all the latest and greatest tips!

  6. Lisa Kim

    Love this new idea. Ahh pink pumps! I have been looking for red ones, to go with my black outfits.. I wanna be THAT teacher.. heeeee

  7. manicddaily

    You guys look terrific; definitely a boon both to Grand Central and the blogosphere!

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