Western Roots and Cowboy Boots

I was recently lucky enough to visit college friends in Denver, CO.  It was my first trip out West (I’m pretty sure that CA doesn’t count), and it was amazing.  Those Rocky Mountains are truly something else.  The trip from the airport to Denver proper must rank as one of the best “Welcome to Our City” drives in the country.  The Denver high-rises looked like stray twigs up against the majestic mountains.  I didn’t come home with any images worthy of those incredible mountain peaks due to inclement weather and misplacing my camera, but I do have great photos of some of Denver’s other assets.

Some fun fashion finds:

At the end of the day, we found a hat with a friend underneath it:

(If only I had taken pictures of his monster boots!)

Besides bargain hunting for clothes, I also discovered that Denver takes its cowboys and horses quite seriously (no surprise here):

The three of us were matching.

When Denverites aren’t enjoying their cowboy culture, they are enjoying their winter wonderland:

Does this remind anyone else of Narnia?  Missing: one Mr. Tumnus and an evil queen with Turkish Delights.

Denver looks:

All items were thrifted from an AMAZING Goodwill and other adorable shops in the Denver area.

Cowboy boots: $12.

Black sequin dress: $15.

Military jacket: $8.

Faux fur jacket: price unknown (aka forgotten)

Thanks to Cici and Sean for modeling!

P.S. I apologize for the clarity of some of these photos.  My camera hasn’t quite learned yet how to take photos in low lighting situations.  We’re working on that (my Nikon and me :)).



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5 responses to “Western Roots and Cowboy Boots

  1. MereBad

    No, we were lucky to have YOU visit Denver! It’s too bad we couldn’t get into Stampede, then you would have seen some real Western style.

  2. Anna

    i LOVE this! you’re doing a fantastic job. plus, now i can tell people i have been featured in a fashion blog.

  3. cici

    ditto! i’ve already featured the sequin dress at a wine party and it was a hit! and mais bien sûr, the gents appreciated the soupçon of see-through!

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