Stolen Says: Jay Baruchel

Ok, fellas.  Let’s take a look at Jay Baruchel’s get-up at the premiere of his recent film She’s Out of My League.  We’ll start at the top.

The Hair:  Stylishly frayed – that difficult to achieve “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-threw-on-a-suit” look.  It’s working well for the 28 year-old Montreal resident.

The Scruff:  Great choice, very in vogue.  Also keeps him from looking twelve.

The Suit:  Fairly standard, gray pin-striped with a white, collared shirt and black tie.  Generally a safe choice, but he walks the razor’s edge where he definitely should not: the fit. Mr. Baruchel should have invested in a tailor, and gentlemen, so should you.  (Of course, finding a suit jacket with the right shoulder size is key.  There’s nothing a tailor can change if the shoulders are wrong, aside from remaking the entire suit.)  Another minor detail is the tie pin.  I wore a tie pin once…when I was a Cub Scout.  These days, however, it’s best to go with a tie bar.  It’s that little something extra that says: “This guy knows how to dress, and he’s cool.”

The Shoes:  White Adidas sneakers.  Hm…MC Hammer called and wants his kicks back.  Unless you’re Robert Downey Jr., or it’s apocalyptically precipitating on your way to the office…do I really have to tell you?  Sneakers and suits don’t mix.  Please, just say no.

Alternatives: Tie bars can be found almost anywhere, from J.C. Penney’s to Tiffany’s.  I recommend trying somewhere in the middle, like Banana Republic or Kenneth Cole.  You can find a decent tailor at Banana Republic, too.

As far as shoes go, anything leather in brown, gray or black with rounded toes would be better than white sneakers.  I recommend a smooth pair of brown wingtips from Allen Edmonds.  More affordable versions can be found at Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic or DSW.

All in all guys, remember that baggy & over-sized (or generally ill-fitting) is so 90’s, and that era hasn’t come back around just yet (10 more years, perhaps?).  Invest in a tailor.


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  1. The Gentleman

    Great article. That suit is absolutely the wrong size for the celebrity (who I confess that I don’t know). Tailoring could help, but can’t make it perfect.

    A tie bar is definitely a better choice for nearly everyone than a tie pin. The tie pin is extremely old school and I’d be more of a fan of it if it were on a grouchy old college professor.

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