Meredith’s Simple Sheath Dress

Have you ever seen a bluer sky?

We are finally saying goodbye to the dark days of winter.  Lindsay and I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of my favorite wool shift dress in downtown Brooklyn.  It’s comfortable, simple, and it really reduces time spent on brainstorming how to put an outfit together because the dress is basically all you need.  My days of enjoying the dress are numbered, though (yay for spring!).

I love this necklace.  It gives my pendant necklace engraved with my initials (so cool and to be shared with you in the future!) a run for its title of “Meredith’s Favorite Necklace” because the stones are simply stunning.  It is a great statement necklace for the office, but it also easily doubles as an evening piece when paired with a simple shirt and some gold earrings.  If you like it, grab one for yourself at my Etsy store, Branche Jewelry Design.

Meredith’s Look:

Jacket: Zara ($30 on sale)

Sunglasses: Steve Madden ($10 at Marshalls)

Dress: Banana Republic ($60)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklace: Branché Jewelry Design ($45 –Branche Jewelry Design)

How New York is this pic?  Even comes with a helicopter!



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4 responses to “Meredith’s Simple Sheath Dress

  1. manicddaily

    A bluer sky? Or redder hair? Looking good.

  2. merebad

    Ooooh! I love Branche Design Jewelry! Too bad my ears aren’t pierced…

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  4. elaine

    Meredith you look fabulous in the ‘simple sheath’. Love the pix of NYC

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