An Afternoon (and moolah…) Spent Shopping in Soho

Girl’s gotta shop.  OK, we know that’s not true for every female, but it’s a difficult vice to avoid, especially when you live in New York City.  We work hard to suppress the urge, but sometimes you just have to take the train to Spring Street and join the crowds. This time we were lucky – we found great items that were on sale or just inexpensive to begin with. We invite you to take a gander at our finds!

First order of business: coffee and bagel breakfast fuel.

Getting primped at the MAC store for our shoot. Of course, this is not where we intended to start shopping, but *ahem* *cough* it happened.

Believe it or not, these were on the clearance rack at Anthropologie. BOTH the belt and the shirt. Needless to say, I  bought these too…

This rabbit belt was so adorable, I couldn’t resist.  It’s already made its public debut and is usually the hit of the party.  People love bunnies!  Reminds us of a recent Sea of Shoes posting.

This was on sale, too. What was Anthropologie thinking? It was a fantastic fit, and something a little out of character for me! I don’t usually do big floral prints, but with a leather jacket and some serious boots, this could be a great concert ensemble.

Coffee break in between stores!

On to TopShop.

The exposed zipper on this otherwise princess-sleeved and flowy TopShop dress kicks the “going out” factor up a notch.  Plus, the 80’s power shoulders really DO make you feel more in charge.

This TopShop top was so Serena (Gossip Girl) — I HAD to try it. In the end, it was a bit too loose for my taste, but still looked super cute!

The Shoe Bathtub. Need we say more? Maybe we’ll pick one up on our next Soho excursion …



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6 responses to “An Afternoon (and moolah…) Spent Shopping in Soho

  1. leproust

    Your shopping trip looked amazing! Anthro’s sale rack is just too could to pass up most of the time!! 🙂

  2. It looks like you had so much fun! You are making me want to shop!!! Great pics!

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