The Gentleman’s Lookbook No. 1

“Easter in New Orleans”

Easter is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun is coming out, and for many, it’s the season of redemption.  For the Gentleman, Easter means that it’s time to bring out some of his more whimsical pieces.  I love spring and summer for men’s style because you can get away with more outrageous get ups.

Here’s what I wore for Easter this year.  Take a look, and then I’ll break down the details.

I’m really happy with the way this classic American spring look came out, and there’s a lot about it to discuss.  Far too much, in fact, for one post, so today I’ll discuss the three things that please me most: the trousers, the tie and the blazer.

Seersucker is the classic summer fabric. It’s a lightweight cotton fabric in white with subtle, typically blue stripes, and the fabric feels ribbed.  In the Northeast, it’s a rule of thumb that seersucker should be worn only between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  In New Orleans with its early spring, Easter is opening day for this fabric.

While many men donned a full seersucker suit for the holiday, I wanted something a bit more varied and casual, so I paired my seersucker trousers with a classic navy blazer.  I really liked how the navy blazer called out the thin navy stripes of the seersucker.  I’ll be talking more about navy blazers in the future because they are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe and common enough to be found at discount or thrift relatively easily.

Finally, the focal point of the ensemble was my raw silk regimental tie in jewel toned pastels.  This is one of my favorite articles of clothing.  When I bought it, I’d never seen anything like it.  The raw silk has amazing texture, the colors are unique and eye-grabbing and it is a splash of spring color in an otherwise cool-hued outfit.

To get this semi-dressy spring/summer look, balance a lighter trouser (seersucker, or if you want to be more conventional, a light chino khaki) with a navy blazer and a bold spring tie.  As it begins to warm up across the country, try this out for your next trip to the rooftop bar, al fresco restaurant or afternoon at the country club.

Steve’s Easter Style:

Navy blazer: Brook’s Brothers ($40 off of Ebay, silver buttons added)

White, French-cuffed dress shirt: H&M ($40)

Raw silk tie: J. Press ($75 and can be found here)

Seersucker trousers: J. Crew on sale ($15, retails $98)

Blue silk pocket square: J. Press ($15)

Pink silk knots (in place of cufflinks and not visible): Brooks Brothers ($8)

Brown belt: in my closet for years, so I’m gonna go with Gap

Wayfarer Sunglasses: Ray-Ban ($60 off of Ebay)

Cordovan lace-up dress shoes: Johnston & Murphy (discussed in last post)



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2 responses to “The Gentleman’s Lookbook No. 1

  1. Lookin’ sharp sir! Love the pocket square; it’s one of those details that’s too often neglected these days.

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