Stolen Says: Dressing for the Season

On April 7, 2010, it was a sweltering 92 degrees in New York City.  Today, it’s a breezy 50 degrees with some chilly rain.  Which season are we in again?  More importantly, for which season should we be dressing?  (Seriously, New York is on the fritz; I’ve seen everything this week from woolen overcoats and Wellies to sundresses and Sperrys.)

Sudden changes in the temperature may have thrown traditional Labor Day-oriented dress codes out the window, but no matter the weather, Hilary Duff always keeps it cool.  Having just launched her new line, Femme for DKNY, Ms. Duff is owning the cover of Lucky Magazine this month with her deftly down-to-earth style.  Aw, look, she’s all grown up!

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Duff’s Lucky look – casual, canary-yellow pleated tank with skinny jeans – is, of course, a little too casual for the corporate world.  (Unless you’re having a business meeting in the Hamptons. Because soooo many of us are.) But, if you have a stroke of genius and slip a linen cardigan from Banana or J.Crew over the tank, you’ll have covered all your bases. You’ll be warm enough for Midtown’s goosebump-inducing air-conditioning, and cool enough for a night at B Bar’s outdoor garden. If your office doesn’t include jeans in its Casual Friday dress code (or is devoid of Casual Friday altogether), no worries! Opt for some gray slacks, change the sweater to match, and call it a day. Jeans or no jeans, those classic Tory Burch flats that every fashionista seems to have pair perfectly with this outfit.

Hilary’s classic, summery Lucky outfit includes a Silk Tank by Wren ($176) and skinny jeans from the Gap ($60).  Take a look at that bling! She’s taken the hippie concept and gone Vogue (or…Lucky, in this case). The bling, unfortunately, may be a tad out of our price range, but you can pull off your own stylized version of this look with some fantastically affordable finds at Banana Republic.

In case you are curious, Duff’s jewelry consists of an 18k gold necklace by Ninh Wysocan ($1,260, available at, an ostrich eggshell and gold bead necklace from L Frank ($585), and an 18k gold bead and leather necklace from L Frank ($3,650). The earrings are 14k gold pave diamond marquis hoops, from Alexa Garner Sidaris Fine Jewelry ($1,955, available at

I don’t recommend the outfit below for the office (featured on the set of  Gossip Girl), but it’s an amazing “downtown” weekend option. Clearly, when it comes to style, Duff knows what’s what. She channeled the 70’s with her over-sized camouflage scarf and large medallion earrings, but took it to a “SoHo 2010” level with the ginormous black leather bag and skinny jeans. Love it.

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You can easily piece together your own interpretation of this casual downtown SoHo look with scarves from Diesel and bling from Urban Outfitters.


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