The Feminine Side of a Boyfriend Blazer and Jeans

Blazer – sailor shirt – boyfriend jeans: an outfit trifecta!  This is quite possibly the most comfortable outfit I own.

Even though Cubicle Chic focuses on dressing for the office, we like to provide weekend inspiration occassion.  We all know that the end of the work week does not spell the end of creative fashion, but rather, it can be turned up a few more notches during those precious 48 hours.  So for today, even though it’s Monday and the weekend feels far, far away, we give you a casual weekend look to remind you of the fun times you just had, and those that are to come in five short days.
For you vintage lovers: if you haven’t already, you must check out the vintage shops on Etsy RIGHT NOW. I will warn you: you might never be able to leave. I’m hooked! I think it’s the sheer amount of items for sale that draws me in. The quintessential spring dress, the weekend bag of my dreams, the kitschy cow clock for my kitchen… they are all just around the corner and keep me clicking through day after day.

This blazer is an excellent find from one of my Etsy spelunking adventures. I found it at Nickie Frye’s shop, and now I’m eyeing this lovely item. Go buy it before I get the chance!

Ladies and gentlemen: a headband bow!  I know headbands are old news, but I’m not really one for things on my head, be that hats, headbands, barrettes, scarves … so while walking around town with a big, black satin bow on my head, I didn’t feel like myself.  Any thoughts on hairpieces?

There’s nothing like a honkin’ Swarovski crystal hanging from your neck.

The neighbors forgot that it’s months past both Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  I’m of the opinion, however, that there’s no such thing as too festive for too long.

Meredith’s BK duds:

Headband: courtesy of Lindsay

Shirt: H&M ($12)

Blazer: Nickie Frye ($38)

Jeans: Victoria’s Secret Catalogue ($40)

Necklace: Branché Jewelry Design

Shoes: Converse (40€ so….more than that in dollars)



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6 responses to “The Feminine Side of a Boyfriend Blazer and Jeans

  1. Anna

    Mere: à propos the headband conflict. Scarves! They are so versatile, and I think they always looks adorably hippie. But you know me – scarves are the answer to everything 🙂

  2. Sandy

    I need to check out the cow clock on Etsy! too good to pass up!

  3. this is a great post… i love the play with feminine and masculine!!

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