Face-Framing Foundation

You want it, you got it!  Beauty tips from the CC girls.  We admit, posting about beauty is a teensy diversion from our normal editorial posts, but we believe the way you present yourself in the workplace is VERY important, and cosmetics play a starring role!

What better way to start our beauty segment than with a focus on foundation?!  Before we started collaborating on Cubicle Chic, we both swore by the same brand: Bare Escentuals. I (Lindsay) have been using it for a couple of years now, so I’ve modified the “Primer, Concealer, Powder, Warmth, Mineral Veil” procedure to fit my needs. Directly after moisturizing, I use the small concealer brush under the eyes, around my nose and on any pesky blemishes.  I then take the large, pouffy foundation brush with a minuscule amount of foundation and powder my face in circular motions.  I follow with a blush (also BE) and different eye makeup.  The result is slightly dewy, clear and natural looking skin.

I (Meredith), on the other hand, actually follow the instructions.  I was turned on to Bare Escentuals by a close friend who had been swearing by it for years, and it has worked just as well as I had hoped.  I start by applying the foundation with the large brush, and then I apply small amounts of foundation to those problem areas with the concealer brush.  For a little color, I add Warmth to my cheeks, finish with an all-over brush of the Mineral Veil and after a few quick swipes of the mascara brush, I’m out the door!  It’s simple, soft and natural, and not too heavy a look for a day at the office.

We have both found that Bare Escentuals works well with our sensitive, acne-prone skin quite well, and we LOVE that it doubles as a sunscreen (age spots not invited).  What we like the most is the way it lays on the face.  It looks and feels like you’re not wearing makeup, with is a huge deal. Who wants to be the lady with the “foundation line”?

Any of you Bare Escentuals users out there? Do you have another favorite foundation?  Let us us know!

Swirl, Tap and Buff says Bare Escentuals 🙂

Image Credit: bareescentuals.com

“Warmth” by Bare Escentuals

Image Credit: bareescentuals.com

Concealer Brush

Image Credit: sephora.com



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3 responses to “Face-Framing Foundation

  1. Jen

    Yep!! I use it every day of my life and it is a life saver. Like you said it just looks so natural and is so good used in layers to cover unwanted redness, darkness and anything else pretty much. I use all the steps, for the most part (you just gotta be really light with the warmth as it can be a POWERFUL bronzer!) We should all get commission from BE for recommending their products so highly.

    • Hahaha so true! And I learned the hard way about the warmth … came to work one day and realized that my face was orange – yikes! I’m glad to hear that you use BE because you are the makeup expert!!

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