Success at Sammy Davis Vintage Sale

After our two posts about Sammy Davis last week, we thought you might like to see some photos from her Sunday sale.  We had a wonderful time and left with so many amazing items!  It was held in a gorgeous apartment on the UWS, there was wine, delicious cupcakes, fantastic outfits and a great group of people.  Congrats to Sammy D. for throwing such a successful fundraiser!

Since we were all caught up in browsing, we didn’t get a chance to take many photos of the lovely people at the sale, so if you’d like to see more, check out the Sammy Davis Vintage photos here.


Check out the great colors on the walls.

An homage to shoulder pads.

Satisfied shoppers!



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5 responses to “Success at Sammy Davis Vintage Sale

  1. happy shoppers = successful sale!

  2. And the shrine to shoulder pads is a definite repeat at every sale moving forward!

  3. Brilliant! I’m so jealous! Those pics make me swooooon. I love me vintage! Go, Sammy! Glad for your finds, ladies!

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