Mellow Yellow Paired with Plum

Does this skirt look familiar? It should! Mere wore it during our Sammy Davis Vintage photoshoot.

Park Avenue has been seriously SMELLING like spring lately. You can’t get away from the whiff of fresh flowers, which is highly unusual for a busy New York City street.

I am in LOVE with this ensemble for a few reasons:

1. I never get to wear my taxi-yellow pumps. I wouldn’t wear them in the office because mine is too conservative, but I would encourage those of you with enough fashion leeway to do so!

2. The skirt is Sammy Davis Vintage. Enough said.

3. The shirt is one of my favorite styles from Banana Republic. I bought one full price at the BR birthday event last fall and loved it so much I bought two more of the same shirt in different colors – after it went on sale 🙂

4. The contrast of purple and yellow (or other color wheel opposites like orange and blue, or turquoise and red…but not green and red because that’s too Christmas-y) will always create a “stunning” factor. I wore this outfit (minus the shoes and plus black nylons) to the office and got so many compliments! Taking a *little* risk is always good in the office. But remember, a little goes a long way. Less is more.

LOVE dresses and skirts with pockets. My fave!

Pretty springtime earrings!

This is a random sculpture across the street from where Meredith and I spend most of our waking hours. We couldn’t resist photographing him – the classic businessman! It’s called “Taxi” and the artist is J. Seward Johnson Jr.

Lindsay’s Mellow Yellow Look:

Shirt: Banana Republic, $28 on sale

Skirt: Sammy Davis Vintage, $15

Pumps: Nine West, $50

Earrings: Courtesy of Meredith



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6 responses to “Mellow Yellow Paired with Plum

  1. The sheer fact that you own YELLOW pumps means that I am your new biggest fan, Lindsay!

  2. Margo Hasen

    Love the combo of Yellow and Purple. I am going to borrow that idea. Thanks
    Margo Hasen, The style Strategist

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