A Pleated Skirt on Park Ave

Now that below freezing temperatures are a thing of past, it’s time to bring out some spring and summer pieces from the depths of my wardrobe.  This black pleated skirt from Banana Republic is one of those. It’s lightweight and perfect for these warm spring days.  One of the skirt’s major attributes is that it translates quite well into an evening look.  Add a little extra color or bling and you’re ready for drinks with friends!

This skirt can pose a small risk: you never know when a breeze might come through and *whooops!* your skirt just did a little flip.  I saw this happen to a girl crossing Park Ave on a particularly windy autumn morning and just felt so embarrassed for her – I wanted to rush over and quietly commiserate!  Luckily (or unluckily?) for her, she had no clue that her cute skirt was doing backflips behind her, so no commiserating was necessary.

This is my favorite ring!  Besides having good memories tied to it, I’m always receiving compliments for its great color and size.  I really enjoy its simple focus on the turquoise stone – no need to get fancy with frivilous silverwork.  Sidenote: black nail polish? What do we think??

Final point: this short-sleeved blazer is such a versatile piece. Perhaps too versatile (if that’s possible.) Most mornings I want to wear it, but then remember that I wore it the day before!  Since it is a short blazer, it works especially well with high waisted skirts and pants.  Best of all, it was an inexpensive H&M purchase!  I wish that I had been smart enough to pick one up in black when I bought this last spring.

Happy Friday to you all!  Enjoy the weekend!  Saturday is looking promising with sunshine and a high of 70!

Meredith’s Look:

Skirt: Banana Republic, $45

Shirt: Banana Republic, $25

Blazer: H&M, $20

Shoes: Steve Madden, $60

Ring: Parisian souvenir



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9 responses to “A Pleated Skirt on Park Ave

  1. Jane

    Hotttt skirt!! Y’all have a kickass blog- helpful in answering the eternal “what can I wear to work but also out after work?” dilemna. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Christina N.

    I love the ring too! And things being Parisian souvenirs always makes them extra special. As for black nail polish . . . I’m working up the courage to wear it myself, but I think it works really well with that outfit — gives it a younger, edgier feel.

    • Thanks, Christina! I’m glad you like the nail polishes – the edge was what I was going for. I finally took it off last night and kind of miss it. My nails look naked! Thanks for checking out the blog!

  3. Jen

    Man!!! You look friggin’ adorable!!! What a great outfit – love the skirt especially and you wear it perfectly. As for the ring, well that’s a no brainer – beautiful and the polish, well it’s just the icing on the cake. Dark polish is such a sharp finishing touch on an otherwise dressy/formal outfit, it says you’re not too serious and up for some serious fun. I’ve just finished a nail tech course and it’s one of my fav looks. Love the blog. Funny as I just watched Julie and Julia this week! Good luck with it XO

  4. Lai

    The black nail polish with the girly outfit ~ amazing! Definitely trying that one out.

    Love this outfit! I absolutely love pleated skirts, but I had ironing… 😦

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  6. he

    great outfit, this is an awesome blog!! will be back soon

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


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