In Praise of the A-Line Skirt

The skirt that complements all figures!  Ladies, isn’t it nice to know that there is at least one skirt out there that will look smashing on everyone?  The A-line skirt!  It sits comfortably on the hips and then subtly flares out so that it’s not hugging anything that doesn’t want to be hugged.  With a cute pair of flats or heels, this type of skirt is a success in both professional and casual environments.  The A-line simply makes every girl look cute!

This particular skirt is fun for me since it is (GASP!) patterned.  Under some friendly guidance, I was convinced to step out of my solids-only comfort zone and try what at the time felt like a bold pattern.  Well, the venture worked, and now I’m a supporter of breaking out of the pencil skirt uniform once in a while and swapping it with a little patterned flair.

Remember this H&M blazer from last week and how I said that I couldn’t get enough of it?  Well, voila!  Outfit #2 where the blazer just makes it all come together.  Because they were purchased separately, I was very pleased to discover that they went together so well.  Besides their excellent color coordination, a fitted blazer is a good choice to complement an a-line skirt because it offsets the skirt’s billowy shape by creating a more structured look on the top half of your body.  That’s the general rule:  one part loose + one part fitted = one great outfit!

You may have noticed … Lindsay and I love to accent an outfit with colorful shoes!  These are some Nine West gems picked up on sale when their 59th Street location was going out of business (recession, ugh).  They are pointy (yessssss), faux snakeskin (YESSSSS) and green (YESS!!!!).  Oh, and did I mention that they are insanely comfortable? They are like Cole Hann Nike Air comfortable, but for a fraction of the price. Any other suggestions on where to find incredibly comfortable heels?

Meredith’s Look:

Shoes: Nine West ($25)

Skirt: Gap ($35)

Shirt: Gap ($25)

Blazer: H&M ($20)

I leave you with some spring blossoms…



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13 responses to “In Praise of the A-Line Skirt

  1. smuffles

    Mere you are so pretty!!!!!

  2. Jen

    You’re a blossom!!! Love the outfit, love the pattern on the skirt and the small ruffles on the shirt. The shoes are my fave part, yea love the color, height and pattern – nice find;]

    • Thanks, Jen! Glad you like the shoes 🙂 All of your lovely comments are making me miss you and the rest of the Beadin’ Path ladies! 😦 But don’t stop … I love reading what you have to say!

  3. Totally agree – a-line skirts are a staple in my wardrobe and for several years were the only things I wore (I’ve since branched out into pencil skirts too).

    That outfit looks amazing on you.

  4. adorable outfit!
    we must be thinking alike today…i have a blazer from H&M that looks just like that on…only mine is denim. 🙂

  5. Sandy

    You are adorable!

  6. Barbara

    I love the skirt! It is a great outfit.

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