It’s Time for Wellies

Want to know the most important must-have spring/summer item in NYC?  Rain boots!  If this summer is even close to being a repeat of 2009, then it’s going to rain all June and July, and wellies will need to be worn nearly every day.

Here at Cubicle Chic, we choose to have fun with our rainy day attire. Both of us wear patterned rain boots that have, on several occasions, elicited pleasing commentary from passersby.  Their subtle silliness adds a little color to those dreary, wet days.

One cannot look at rain boots without considering Hunter.  You wouldn’t know it from walking the streets on New York, but the company actually offers its original style in a rainbow of boot colors.

Photo Credit: Neon Bible

Photo Credit: Jildor Shoes

Photo Credit: Target Wholesale

However, if you aren’t feeling the $115 price tag, where else can you look?

Target has an excellent collection of fun rain boots at affordable prices.  I like the one below with the little, red birdie for $24.99:

Photo Credit:


Another great place to shop for boots (and shoes) is  Here is one interesting option from DAV I found for $89.95:

Image Credit:

Check out the awesome lace-up in the back!


Another pick is this Sperry Top-Sider boot for $58.33:

Image Credit:

I love the burgundy – the royal hue reinforces the boot’s sturdy look.


And now for some stripes and buckles with a pair of Chooka rain boots from DSW for $39.95:

Image Credit:

In case you aren’t ready to add color to your rainy day commuting shoes, these boots are still fun while remaining understated.


I’m loving the caramel color of these boots from Kamik for $59.95:

Photo Credit:

You don’t see this color as an option very often, and doesn’t it actually look like caramel?  Mmmm mmmm good.



Image Credit: DLL Rainwear

For $49.95, they are adorable, right?  These will bring a smile to anyone’s face!  In my opinion, when you’re a Mainer, lobsters look good on anything 🙂

Finally, I leave you with a site that I came across during my search that is pretty good for browsing.  It’s called DLL Rainwear.  The site is just for boots, rain jackets and umbrellas, so you don’t have to sift through heels, sandals or any other clothing that has nothing to do with staying dry.  They even have frog rain boots for adults!

Happy Stomping!

Photo Credit: Found here.



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8 responses to “It’s Time for Wellies

  1. I love the Kamiks. They are made in Canada!

  2. cici



  3. Carolina

    Sighted in East Village on several women on a SUNNY day: Galoshes with short shorts or minis.

    Aside from Kate Moss 2004 or Prada 2009, is this a trend?

  4. I like Hunters and I have 2 pairs of thesecool boots… In Your post purple ones are nice and those with little bird are wonderful, thanks!

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