Runway Inspiration: Spring Crop

Combining high-end glamour with practicality, these slacks will be a work wardrobe essential next fall. In fact, one of the CC founders just picked some up from Sammy Davis Vintage (naturally) for herself and is currently looking for the perfect duds before donning them. They project a smart effortlessness despite the fact that the drape makes the search for The Perfect Pair a bit difficult. It’s all worth it in the end… look at how eye-catching they are! The Marc by Marc Jacobs look typifies the overall style: slightly drapy (never baggy) slacks cinched with the a belt and pulled together with a lace-up bootie.

Whether you like the skinny version (a la Milly by Michelle Smith) or the harem pant-inspired fuller leg, the cropped, high-waisted pant can do wonders for concealing hips and accentuating waists, kind of like A-line skirts. The trick is to find the pair that works with your body. The classic looking ones from Ralph Lauren are CC favorites.

The runway looks you see below are just for inspiration as they’re out of the CC girl’s budget. Don’t fret! Fantastic, cheaper options do exist and here’s where you can look:

Top Shop, $70: I love the gold button accents on these! They’d look darling with a striped blouse and golden anchor necklace.

Hanii Y, $71: on SALE! These basic black slacks are the ideal segue into the looser cut.

BR Monogram, $98: For those of you who are weary of trying the trend, you know it’s O.K. to wear to work when BR Mono has a pair!

Oh, and did I mention how perfect they are for office attire? With some flats, you’ll be sleek, comfy and sophisticated 🙂

Marc by Marc Jacobs / Photo Credit:

Milly by Michelle Smith / Photo Credit:

Oscar de la Renta / Photo Credit:

Ralph Lauren / Photo Credit:

Ralph Lauren / Photo Credit:


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