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Weddings 101: Springtime Saris

We are officially in Wedding Season 2010. Engagement parties, wedding showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, the weddings themselves – there are a lot of wardrobe choices to make! Meredith had to make such a decision for a friend’s traditional Indian engagement party this past Saturday, so she and her friends decided to go all out with silk saris. This style choice was quite exciting because it involved taking a trip to Jackson Heights and spending hours reviewing the seemingly unlimited selection of beautiful sari fabrics…and it was entirely worth it. Meredith’s bartering skills have improved, she can get you to Jackson Diner next time you’re visiting NYC and she now has a stunning sari nestled in her closet waiting for the next Indian celebration (Wedding Season 2011!!).

Here are some photos of Meredith and her friends’ engagement party looks:




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The Gentleman: Suiting Up

Unraveling the Tie Knot

I apologize for the delayed blog post.  This week, the Gentleman’s computer has been on the fritz and is currently awaiting repair at the shop.  Because of that, this post will probably be a bit shorter than usual.

A few weeks ago, I first introduced how dress shirts have different collar styles and spent a hefty amount of space discussing British spread collars. In that article I mentioned how the spread collar matched well with particular types of tie knots. For this article I want to write about how different tie knots complement the collar style of a gentleman’s dress shirt.

There are three common tie knots: the “Four-in-Hand”, the “Half-Windsor” and the “Windsor” knot. The essential difference between the three knots is their size. The “Four-in-Hand” is a very small, asymmetrical knot that’s sometimes referred to as a schoolboy knot, while the “Windsor” knot is significantly larger and more aggressive looking. A basic question that every Gentleman ought to consider: How aggressive does he want his tie knot to be? After all, the tie knot sits symmetrically between your shoulders and right below your face. It’s directly where the eye automatically focuses. If you’re looking for a dapper and traditional knot, the “Four-in-Hand” is a safe option. At the other end of the spectrum, a full “Windsor” knot shows power. The “Half-Windsor” is somewhere in the middle.

There’s another consideration when choosing a tie knot: the width of the collar of the shirt that is to be worn with the tie. Take a look at the photos below.

Notice how nicely a narrower “point collar” shirt fits with a “Four-in-Hand” knot. The smaller knot matches the narrower collar.

On the other hand, a narrow point collar just does not give enough space for a large Windsor knot.

Rather, a British spread collar above balances very well with a Windsor knot.

If you need help learning how to tie any of these three knots, check out these helpful YouTube videos: Four-in-Hand, Half-Windsor, Full-Windsor.

Next week, the Gentleman wraps himself in linen…


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Sex and the City 2

In celebration of the final (are we sure about that?) chapter in the mammoth-sized series Sex and the City has become, here is some fashion eye candy of the girls from SATC… because what is SATC without fashion?  *Swoon* Enjoy!

Photo Credit:

PhotoCredit: Fashion Indie

Photo Credit: Fashion Inspiration from the Movies

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Fashion Inspiration from the Movies

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Have you seen the movie? Cubicle Chic is going to see it tonight 🙂 Tell us what you think!


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The Perfect Leather Jacket

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect leather jacket for what seems like eons. Finding “the” one is something like finding a soul mate: it has to feel good on your body, its overall style has to jibe with your lifestyle and, like a soul mate, in an ideal world it wouldn’t have any, but you must be capable of embracing any minor flaws it may have 😉

Last fall, I thought my search had come to a close. I took a trip to Saks to peruse the gentleman’s suit racks looking to help outfit my boyfriend. A chocolate-colored buttery number by Vince popped into sight and I couldn’t help but stop to take a closer look. I even returned to visit it – admittedly a handful of times –  to figure out whether I could (or should) afford such a masterpiece. Alas, it wasn’t worth a full month’s rent. Still, I won’t spare you the details: the leather was the color of cocoa beans, it zipped down the front and the length was just right – not too long nor too cropped. When I slipped it on, it’s weight was comforting (like a warm embrace!). I couldn’t find an image of the exact jacket because it’s seasons old, an ancient 214 years old in fashion years, (just kidding!), but this one is close:

Photo Credit:

Since starting the blog a few months ago, I’ve noticed that my usual urges to spend silly amounts of money on single pieces has been suppressed (although my appetite for expensive style has not, as Mr. Williams addresses in his post about SATC2) and this time the leather jacket is no exception. Needless to say, I ditched the Vince “masterpiece” and started thrifting for a wallet-friendly find. Through my research, I learned that vintage is the best option for penny pinchers unless you’re willing to go faux. When shopping online, be sure to check the return policies of your choice vendor because fit is everything when it comes to leather jackets, and it’s quite impossible to tell from an online photo (and still difficult even with measurements) how a jacket will fit and feel.

In addition to fit, below are some key considerations for purchasing a leather jacket, real or not:

Temperature: Will you be able to wear it in the spring and the fall/are you planning to wear it during one season only?  Leather aging: These jackets are supposed to look better over time, not worse, so make sure the leather is sturdy and soft; if you’re going vintage, look at as many photos as possible to ensure there are no unforgivable knicks or holes. Care: Be sure to confirm that your jacket can be dry cleaned or treated, especially if you’re buying vintage. Extras: Zippers, studs, buckles, pockets they all can make or break a statement, so be sure your jacket has the right combination of extras.

Through my searching, I’ve found some great styles at price points that I have to share:

Vintage 80s with an amazing silhouette, $60 at

A classic vintage motorcycle style, $42 at

A frillier version, $225 at

The photo is a little blurry, but don’t let that deter you. This is one of my favorite finds, $40 from Etsy seller VictorySanctifies

A more daring 80s-esque option, $40 from Etsy seller civviesclothing

An unconventional neckline, $325 from trusty Banana Republic

And for our vegetarian/vegan friends, you can go for the look with these faux leather options:

Studded and edgy, $60 from Etsy seller mjnic1029

Vigoss faux bomber, $29 at

Unisex faux leather hoodie, $60 at American Apparel

So is a leather jacket kosher for work?

Yes. They are perfectly office appropriate as long as you’re not actually working in it. They’re perfect for those annoyingly chilly weeks in-between seasons and I’ve found that most New Yorkers I know have at least one. The best part? They are durable and they go with everything, from jeans to floral print dresses, which makes for a perfect everyday item.


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The Comfortable Professional

There’s no doubt about it, spring has sprung in New York City. It was a lovely day at Rockefeller Center, and as you can see from the background of the photos below, we weren’t the only ones who thought so. I wanted to shoot this look because it’s my go-to comfortable outfit. Do you have one of those? I wear it on the occasional “blah” day, when I don’t feel like getting “dressed up” but still want to look professional. The combination of solid color and print, the blouse’s neckline and the easy fit are what makes this my foolproof outfit. It’s loose all around except at the waist, which is the aesthetic element that pulls the look together. Easy breezy!

Another reason I love this outfit: it multitasks! When worn without the skirt, the top is flowy and looks so chic with a pair of skinny jeans, heels and a waist belt. It’s made with uber-soft jersey and has a weightiness to it that lets it fall just right.

I certainly got a lot of bang for my buck with this necklace. It adds a dash of edge to the outfit but is still professional enough to fly in the office. I also love wearing it with punkier ensembles on the weekend because its reminiscent of pyramid studding. It’s so versatile! See how I made it work with a Chanel-inspired blazer back in April.

So pretty!

Lindsay’s Look:

Shirt: H&M, $18

Skirt: H&M, $25

Shoes: Nine West, $35

Necklace: H&M, $15

Bag: Hayden-Harnett, $250 on sale (original price $650)

Mood Ring: gumball machine, $0.50


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Stolen Says: Rachel Bilson’s Summer Suiting

Before Heidi Montag went all Mattel on us, there was The Hills. Before The Hills, there was Laguna Beach: The Real OC. Before Laguna Beach, there was Rachel Bilson, starring in the hit teen drama and pop culture phenomenon, The OC (which will always be the real one to me). As Summer Roberts, Rachel Bilson was a stylishly adorable and spunky teenage girl who didn’t take no for an answer (unless the question was “does this make me look like a beluga?”). Since then, her image has grown up and so has her style. Talk about impeccable! The girl could strut down a runway and steal the show or stride into your conference room and tell you what’s what with those third-quarter projections. In any case, she doesn’t mess around when it comes to her apparel presentation. Take a look:

Photo Credit: Just Jared

Photo Credit: Just Jared

Rachel’s dress (shown above) at the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2010 show in Milan is the height of class:  conservative, yet stylish. And paired with those adorable bootie heels? Incredible. With an outfit like this, you’ll radiate confidence and power (and maybe get a promotion!).

Photo Credit: FanPop

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel – you can’t keep her out of the front row! I love this piece (shown above). You might want to keep the top buttoned, slip a blouse on underneath it, or find something with a lower hemline, but it’s still fashionable and still potentially conservative. Ms. Bilson is cute as a button and can get away with just about anything. As your friendly neighborhood style guy, I’m going to advise you to lean a little more granny. (But Rachel still looks fabulous.)

Photo Credit: Fashion Indie

It’s springtime! What says that more than flowers? Yes, it’s way too schmexy for your cubicle (unless your cube has a disco ball and blackout curtains), but pull inspiration from this! If it had a lower hemline and sleeves, it could totally work for a casual Friday. As it is, it puts me in the mood for some Saturday brunch or a lazy afternoon in the park.

I cannot wait for summer; who’s with me?!


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H&M Jacket for Summer

Small splurges. They happen. Friends should never be late to meet you for coffee, because then you wouldn’t wander into the nearby store to pass the time. This jacket wasn’t on my “need to buy” list, however it caught my eye at H&M a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s become a wardrobe staple. It’s simple, comfortable, my current favorite color, and it’s both cool enough for summer weather and warm enough for the office AC. Have I sold you on it yet? If not, also note that it works with pencil skirts and pants.

Wait, pants? Lindsay and Meredith wear pants to work? We realized while photographing this outfit that after two months of blogging, all of our office outfits have featured either dresses or skirts. It’s time for someone to wear the pants, and Meredith was up to the challenge.

The ribbon tie adds is the subtle feminine touch that really makes the jacket. Plus, like our favorite wrap dress, the tie brings definition to the waist – a flattering look for all women!

Ahhhh, if only all days were as calm and sunny as this one.

Meredith’s Look:

Jacket: H&M, $40

Shirt: H&M, $15

Pants: Banana Republic, $45

Bag: ModCloth, $60

Necklace: Branché Jewelry Design

Shoes: Steve Madden, $60


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