Stolen Says: Put Some Pepper In Your Stepper

Who’s seen Iron Man 2? I haven’t yet, but I’ve decided that I’m going to see it tomorrow; it looks too awesome to pass up. Plus, it co-stars the subject of this week’s column: Gwyneth Paltrow (!) as the adorable Pepper Potts. I personally have a thing for Robert Downey Jr., which is really why I’m going to see it (we’re meant to be. Actually, save-the-dates are going out next week), but Gwyn is, as I said, adorable and an added bonus. Her role, as you may know, is Pepper Potts, the steadfast personal assistant to Tony Stark (played by RDJ, my future hubby). Now, when I hear personal assistant I think professional attire. When I hear Gwyneth Paltrow, I think classy chic. Professional attire married with classy chic would probably look something like this:

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She looks so happy! Which is one of the reasons I lovelovelove Gwyn. She has such a beautiful smile and isn’t afraid to show it!

Let’s talk about her outfit. What can I say about that jacket, other than that it is perfect for Friday? Especially at this time of year. It’s not quite Memorial day, but the firing squad (aka my critical eyes) will forgive a beautiful jacket like this on a warm Thursday or Friday afternoon. It will be a much-needed breath of fresh air during those dreaded quarterly finance meetings and will undeniably add a spark to an early evening happy hour at High Bar (or your rooftop bar of choice). Her right hand ring is also just the right accessory. It won’t blind the cubicle-mates, but it’s blingy enough to be spotted across the rooftop bar and attract the attention of, say, RDJ (or it would if he weren’t already seriously committed to yours truly).

I have to say, even though Gwyn has great taste, you cannot wear those shorts. Aside from the fact that your legs would probably turn blue from the air conditioning, the shorts are just too short for the office. I would suggest a pencil skirt or trousers (they’d need to match the jacket, of course). And if you opt for trousers, you need to find some different shoes, perhaps some basic black pumps. I do love Gwyneth’s sandal booties here, and with a skirt they could work; it just depends on your office’s policy on open-toe shoes.

White jacket, white trousers or skirt… sounds a little virginal and boring, yes? Gwyn spices it up with her shorts – you can spice it up with a colorful blouse! I’m seeing something in puce, with ruffles. Yes. Go.

Below are some more photos of Gwyneth looking professionally fabulous as the adorable Pepper Potts. Taking care of RDJ like that is usually my job, but I stepped aside for the movie’s sake. And because I love Gwyn so much.

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3 responses to “Stolen Says: Put Some Pepper In Your Stepper

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  2. Great post! I just saw the movie last night. Loved it and love ‘Pepper’. 🙂 xo- karrie

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