Once Upon a Tart

New Yorkers: have you tasted the treats from Once Upon a Tart yet?  If not, then (1) you must come to our launch party and then (2) go and visit the shop! Their tarts, cookies and cupcakes are to die for, the employee’s energy and positivity is infectious, and *psssst* *pssssst* we have it on good authority that one of the SATC ladies swears that Once Upon a Tart cupcakes blow Magnolia cupcakes out of the water!

These magnificent cupcakes and other yummy desserts will be available this evening at our launch party (M1-5 Lounge, 52 Walker St.) where you can taste their magnificence for yourself.  To shamelessly tantalize your taste buds some more, below are some photos we took while visiting the shop last week. Enjoy!

See you tonight!




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5 responses to “Once Upon a Tart

  1. Anna

    tartlettes = beauty.

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