Emma Pillsbury’s Style

Photo Credit: The Examiner

One of the (many) great reasons to watch Glee is to see what Emma Pillsbury will be wearing. Played by Jayma Mays, Emma is the soft-spoken and impeccably dressed guidance counselor who has captured Will Schuester’s heart and our attention with her colorful and whimsical work style. Emma is known for her cardigans, but she also has amazing shoes, creative skirts and some impressive jewelry.  One of the CC founders was once so in love with one of her necklaces,  she went frantically searching for my phone so that she could snap a pic in the hopes of recreating it one day.  Alas, her stunning flower pendant eludes us!

Photo Credit: WWEPW

As we think about what items to add to my own wardrobe for summer 2010, we find ourselves thinking of Emma’s cardigans and bold use of color.  Although all her looks might not be quite right for the office, her style can definitely inspire, and office girls like us can integrate some of her individual pieces into our wardrobes.

Photo Credit: Let Me Help You Help Me

Color and pattern… Emma makes them work together to create the adorable outfit above. Shirts with birds are everywhere this summer and would go nicely with a black pencil skirt, or a cute skirt in a summer color would be a fun way to add variety to a mostly black and gray pencil skirt collection.  As for the lovely dress below, worn with a black cardigan and black shoes, this would be quite the classy work look.

Photo Credit: Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing

Image Credit: WWEPW

Jewelry… Emma frequently wears some great pieces.  Two ornamental items you don’t see very often these days are brooches and sweater chains, and Emma rocks both.  In the above image, Emma’s brooch jazzes up a simple shirt to make the look whimsical (the brooch is a telephone) and creative.

Emma also incorporates sweater chains into her outfits. The basic idea of sweater chains strike me as old lady, but Emma makes them work! The example below is a discrete ornamentation that adds some minimal bling to her outfit. What is your take on sweater chains as an accessory?

Photo Credit: Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing

You can’t discuss Emma’s style without looking at her cardigans, so below you can find a small collection of some of her best.

Image Credit: Your Daily Dose Jaymamazing

Photo Credit: WWEPW

Photo Credit: WWEPW

Photo Credit: StyleInn

Photo Credit: WWEPW

After loving Emma’s wardrobe for so long, it was very exciting to come across What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear a couple of weeks ago.  If you want to know exactly how to replicate her style, Danielle provides you with the necessary links to that Anthropologie cardigan or Milly striped top. Plus, there are outfits ideas that simply emulate Emma’s style so that you can dress like her without looking like her twin.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Emma Pillsbury’s style, you should be watching Glee if you aren’t already!



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7 responses to “Emma Pillsbury’s Style

  1. Love this and thanks for the link! Her style is so adorable and classic, while maintaining a uniqueness that fits her character perfectly. I love her cheery colors and modesty.

  2. Laura

    Oh, man. I think the sweater chain may be THE THING that is currently missing from my life. I have a couple of cardigans that drive me nuts by slipping off my shoulders all day. I think I may have to try to seek out a sassy one.

    Thanks for this!

  3. Great post – I love cardigans! But what I really want is her hair!!!

  4. Sandy

    Try a button website to find a flower.

    Brooches/pins of all kind have long been my thing – I’m glad I’m in style – what goes around comes around!

    • Very good idea! I’ve mostly been concentrating on bead websites, and occasionally antique ones, so I should try a button site. Good for you for always being a brooch/pin fan!

  5. Dayva Cate Segal

    Love love love love love!

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