Makeup for Girls with Glasses

Glasses have always had a stigma. I don’t think anyone actually called either of us “four eyes” when we were little, but there was something about them that made you a little more of a nerd than those who were gifted with 20/20. We never thought we’d be happy about having to wear them, but lately we are because they have the potential to transform an outfit. Although we don’t don them daily, we each have a couple pairs we love. The problem? Our pretty blue eyes almost always get lost behind the bold frames. For this shoot, we each show you two different eye-opening looks, one simple and one fun, and both are both equally eye-brightening. Depending on the stringency of your office, you may be able to pull off both at work. If your office tends to be conservative, save the candy brights for a weekend or happy hour.

Simple Eye Brightening:

For this look, I used Urban Decay eyeshadow primer on Meredith’s eyelids first. Then, I used a shimmery white shadow all over her lid (Manila Paper by MAC is fabulous, although any shimmery off-white powder will do the trick). I lined her top lash line with brown liquid eyeliner by Maybelline, curled her lashes with the Shu Uemera eyelash curler and coated her lashes once with DiorShow mascara in Black. For undereye concealer, she was already wearing BareMinerals, our fave!

For my gold-toned eye-opening look, I also started by priming with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. I then dusted my lids in Flip (gold toned) shadow by MAC and went over it with the same shimmery white shadow I used on Meredith (Manila Paper by MAC), including the crease. Then I lined the top and bottom lash lines with a shimmery brown soft pencil (MAC eye kohl in Teddy), curled my eyelashes and coated them once with DiorShow mascara.

Candy Brights:

Wanna know what’s fun about these eyes? I took the same basic looks detailed above and packed a little punch (hello…office to happy hour)! You’ll need a small brush like this one to accumulate concentrated amounts of high-pigment shadow. These colors come from the Clarins Spring 2009 color palette – it’s a little outdated now, but you can find similar shades at MAC (try Shimmermoss for Meredith’s turquoise and Creme de Violet for my lavender). And no, we don’t have an endorsement from MAC (yet!)… I just think their colors are great because they blend well and are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Tada! Subtlety! The aqua colored shadow goes away when she closes her eyes. How about that?

To achieve this look, complete the “simple” steps above for Meredith’s eyes. Then dab your small eyeshadow brush in the pot of turquoise, but don’t swirl it around because you only want color on the tip of the brush. Take the color and press it onto your bottom lash line starting from the outer corner and working in. Make sure you resist the urge to go all the way to the inner corner; with bold color like this, less is more. Stop when you’ve outlined about half of your lash line and repeat for the other side – simple as that!

Her new glasses are stunning, no?

My eyeshadow requires the same steps as Meredith’s, but I also added lavender to the top lash line. Just a little bit! To do this, dab your brush in the color again (no swirling!) and apply the color on your outer most lashes only, starting on the last “third” of your lash line, moving outward. This may take more color than your bottom lash line because you’re layering it on top of darker liner, so apply until you achieve the desired effect. Last but not least, smudge your top and bottom color lines upward at the outer corner of your eye. The goal is to make a seamless transition, connecting the color on top and bottom – you don’t want segmented color on your lash lines!

So all you 20/20s out there jealous yet? 😉



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4 responses to “Makeup for Girls with Glasses

  1. Jane

    Gals, what a cool post idea! As a proud glasses wearer I’ve always shrugged off the idea that there can be synergy between glasses and eye makeup and specs, but thanks for proving me wrong!

  2. I love this post. One of the only things What Not to Wear ever taught me was that you can wear eye makeup with glasses – it’s not a lost cause. You’re speaking the gospel.

  3. dad

    Nice article do one on golf fashion for summer

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