Weddings 101: Springtime Saris

We are officially in Wedding Season 2010. Engagement parties, wedding showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, the weddings themselves – there are a lot of wardrobe choices to make! Meredith had to make such a decision for a friend’s traditional Indian engagement party this past Saturday, so she and her friends decided to go all out with silk saris. This style choice was quite exciting because it involved taking a trip to Jackson Heights and spending hours reviewing the seemingly unlimited selection of beautiful sari fabrics…and it was entirely worth it. Meredith’s bartering skills have improved, she can get you to Jackson Diner next time you’re visiting NYC and she now has a stunning sari nestled in her closet waiting for the next Indian celebration (Wedding Season 2011!!).

Here are some photos of Meredith and her friends’ engagement party looks:




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6 responses to “Weddings 101: Springtime Saris

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  2. love that last photo! the colors are beautiful!

  3. LisaK


  4. Those are gorgeous, and the silk just looks so sumptuous.

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