Obsessed With Cropped Trousers, Part I

This weekend we noticed that New York has become an important character in our adventures. We’ve brought you to Central Park, Jackson Heights, Cobble Hill, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, Soho, corporate Park Avenue and the West Village…all in a couple months! This time around, we shot at the more than 150-year-old New York City landmark, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. To admire the history throughout New York City, sometimes all you have to do is look up!

This outfit makes me feel like an all-American jet-setter. It’s a great balance of practical and style.

Isn’t it ironic that I chose to debut pants the week after Memorial Day? I was hesitant about these pants because of their pleats, but in the end I think the cut fits my body well. A bonus: they’re super comfy.

This starts my experiment with toe nail polish. I want to test whether slightly unconventional colors have their place in the office – on the toes only. Other Cubicle-istas I’ve talked to about the issue have said they think you have more wiggle room for loud colors on toe nails than on finger nails, which confirmed my thoughts. Do you try funky nail polish shades at the office (fingers or toes)?

Another bonus: the pants have big pockets (a CC fave)!

Lindsay’s Look:

Blouse: Ann Talyor, $95

Pants: Ann Taylor, $45 (on sale)

Shoes: Anne Klein, $45

Bag: Hayden-Harnett, $250 (on sale)

Nail Polish: Sephora, $5

Sunglasses: Fendi, $100 (Saks Off-Fifth Outlet)



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18 responses to “Obsessed With Cropped Trousers, Part I

  1. I’ve just found your blog and I love it.
    You have a great style & those pants are umbelieveble,really look good on you!

  2. LisaK

    Who knew Anne Taylor was so chic? Love it all!

  3. Cute! I love how it is very polished looking but also very comfy.

    I agree w/ your statement…funky colors for toes. For my fingernails I do polish every once in a while but mainly with more subdued colors: pale pink, slate gray, navy blue.

    • I am dying to try the gray, but I never wear polish on my fingernails either. Chips too fast!

      • I’ve found the key to a lasting (at least one or two days) manicure is making sure you’re applying it in thin coats and then using a good top coat. Reapply top coat approximately every two days.

  4. loooving the classic feel here
    and your bag is way chiiic 😉

  5. I am loving this outfit!!! It’s a wonderful combination of classic, chic, and feminine and that bag is seriously speaking to me (but that’s probably because I’m on a hunt for a bag that color).
    I do like fun nail polish colors and sometimes I do push the envelope with the colors. I’ve never gotten any negative comments. For super bright colors I would leave that on the toes and coordinate the nails with a tamer color.

  6. We have the same trousers obsession! 😉 Those look insanely cute on you, not to mention the blue nailcolor is also FAB 😀

  7. Love your outfit especially those pants! Great blog!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. Hey Lady –

    nice bandaid.


    And it goes without saying that I love the blog, and I love seeing your pictures on it! The style is fab, and the backdrop of St. Pat’s just makes it.

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  10. So cute! Unfortunately, my HR department just sent out a memo saying that cropped pants are not allowed… even for casual days. Otherwise, I’d totally rock this look.


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  12. Carthey

    I love using crazy colors on my toes. It all started when I had a huge presentation and realized I had forgot to touch up my toenail polish before heading to work in peep toed shoes. I grabbed a gold paint sharpie and colored away! After tons of compliments I have been rotating crazy colors since (and in nail polish!)

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