Weddings 101: Bridal Shower Dresses

We seem to have wedding events (defined as bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties and the weddings themselves) penciled into our calendars almost every weekend through the end of August! Ok, maybe not *every* weekend, but we’re still very excited about dressing the part. In the spirit of wedding season, we decided to write a series of posts, each dedicated to a different wedding event. Here, we bring you some favorites for bridal showers.

Finding a bridal shower dress can be difficult: it depends on the weather, the time of year, type of bridal shower and naturally, whether you can wear these dresses again in another setting! Our advice: get something that is totally your style. If you’re not a bow girl day to day, then don’t get a dress with a bow because you’ll likely let it sink into the depths of your closet, never to be found until the next big closet cleaning. Don’t let the often “cutesy” facade of bridal showers fool you! We found some elegant options that could definitely double for a date night or brunch with friends.

Less than $100:

Forever21: Sleeveless Woven Dress, $22.80

Forever21: Floral Blend Dress, $19.80

Forever21: Whispy Feather Knit Dress, $22.80

Modcloth: Save the Date Dress, $99.99

Shop Mamie: Stone Harbor Halter Dress, $99.99

Modcloth: Scavenger Hunt Dress, $54.99

Topshop: Scrawl Line Sisi Dress by Motel, $70

J.Crew: Allegra Dress, $80 (this color down from $225)

J.Crew: Ginny Dress, $99

Topshop: Swing Dress by Annie Greenabelle, $80

Topshop: Line Print Jean Dress by Motel, $70

More than $100:

Anthropologie: Two-Wheeler Shirtdress, $128.00

Anthropologie: Impressionist’s Dream Dress, $178.00

Moschino: Bow front crepe shift, $695

J.Crew: Cotton organdy galette dress, $285

Modcloth: Up on the Incline Dress, $124.99

BCBGMAXAZRIA: V-Neck Sleeveless Dress, $218

Who has some bridal showers coming up?!



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8 responses to “Weddings 101: Bridal Shower Dresses

  1. these dresses are so lovely! great picks!

  2. Am

    Love the idea of this theme! I cannot wait to see what you recommend for the wedding itself!! Do it fast, as wedding season is upon us! I think I have about one each weekend until the end of August too!

  3. They’re all so beautiful!! I’m in love with JCrew dress! xoxoxoxo

  4. Sandy

    We are country casual here in rural PA – we welcome you whatever you are wearing! You’ll look fabulous, regardless. I used to have a dress in the same style as the scavenger hunt dress by modcloth! It might be in the attic…

  5. Anna

    oooooh, the scavenger hunt dress is beautiful. and i, too, love j. crew dresses. so pastel-y and pretty.

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