The Gentleman: Lagniappe – In Search of a Haircut

I had promised a look book article this week about dressing for the courtroom. Don’t worry, the article is in the works, but something much more pressing came up: I need a haircut and the Gentleman is going through a bit of an existential crisis about it. I’ve decided to devote a Lagniappe article to my quest for a better haircut.

Before I get to discussing haircuts, though, I want to provide a brief follow up to last week’s article about linen. No sooner did my article go up then a classmate of mine (who also happens to intern for the “other side” that is criminal defense) was sporting an excellent pair of linen pants. He got them from Ralph Lauren who is selling two different pairs of linen trousers for under $100 this season.

Ralph Lauren Preston Linen Silk Pant, $70 (Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren)

Ralph Lauren Preston Fine Linen Pant, $90 (Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren)

My friend was wearing the pure linen pant and it was really exceptional. I need to find the nearest Ralph Lauren to New Orleans and investigate further.

Back to the haircut crisis: I’ve never been truly satisfied with my hairstyle. It was toward the middle of college when I began to take a great interest in my personal appearance, and this led me directly to my current fascination with men’s dressing style. But during this entire time, I’ve never figured out exactly what I wanted my hair to do. When I was very young, my mom cut my hair herself. In middle school, I tried the buzz cut with disastrous results. During late high school, I went with the “trim around the side, spikey in the front thing” –  a passable choice, but it always looked like I was a geeky kid trying to be cool (which I was). In college and since then, I’ve basically had kind of shaggy, floppy hair that I just comb to the side. It’s worked, but I’ve never loved it.

Next week, I’m going to a new barber that’s received some fantastic reviews. The barber devotes thirty minutes (a long time by men’s haircut standards) to each guy who comes in. I think it’s time to try something new. Here are four examples of haircuts that I’m considering. I’d love your feedback on them as I think about what I’m going to request from the barber.

This one is the one that I think I like the most. It’s a medium-length layered haircut, but I’m not sure if my hair is wavy enough for it.

This one is a lot shorter and kept messy. I like it, but it might be for an older man with thinning hair.

The third one is very old school side part hairstyle with a lot of pomade to keep it in place. I like classic men’s style, but this might be a bit too much of a 30s/40s throwback.

Finally, there’s a much longer side part. This might not be different enough from what I currently have.

Here’s a picture of me (for those of you who don’t know me personally) to help in evaluating the haircuts.

Thanks for your feedback in advance and I’ll post pictures next week of my new haircut.



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3 responses to “The Gentleman: Lagniappe – In Search of a Haircut

  1. I like the top and bottom pics the best.

  2. cici

    agreed – the first and last ones. No slicking to the side with pomade!

  3. The Gentleman

    Decided to go with the first one. Great barbershop. Pictures and an article will be forthcoming.

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