Stolen Says: Shaken, Not Stirred, Please.

Breaking Fashion News: Natalie Portman has been named the new face of Parfums Christian Dior! She follows in the footsteps of honored celebrities (Charlize Theron and Monica Belucci, to name a couple) who have been chosen to represent the esteemed beauty line. When I heard the news, I thought: how appropriate – Natalie Portman, one of the most chic celebrities for one of the most chic fashion houses. Incredible.

And she really is incredible! I had previously heard all of these things – that she’s a foreign diplomat (she was an Ambassador of Hope for FINCA International), that she’s Palestinian (which is wrong, she’s Israeli-born) and that she went to Harvard (it’s true, she was a psych major).

Well. I did a little Wiki-search on our fabulous friend, and in addition to all I had heard, she’s been known to say that she would rather be smart than be a movie star (commendable and modest), she is an animal rights supporter, had her own vegan shoe line and she skipped the premiere of Star Wars Episode I so she could study for her high school finals. Yes, Wikipedia is edit-able by nearly anyone, so that last bit might not be true, but if anyone were to skip the premiere of one of the highest grossing movies of the decade that they happened to be part of, it would probably be Natalie Portman.

What else? She’s not even 30, and she’s already directed two films and been on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. She’s pretty much the most amazing person I haven’t met (yet).

Photo Credit: ShoppingLifeStyle

Plus, she’s a total fashionista, and while she refuses to wear fur, leather or any other animal, she displays a style from which we can all learn. For instance, above at the Cinema Society screening of Brothers, Natalie pulls off a great mixture of calm and courageous. The cut of her Jason Wu dress is bold, while the hue is cool and subtly complemented by the teal ribbon belt. Her clutch adds a pop of color, as do her platforms, but neither is too much. She keeps it all together quite well, yes?

Photo Credit: ShoppingLifeStyle

Here, Ms. Portman shows her knowledge and respect for the big institutions of fashion – see how gracefully she holds herself in this stunning Balenciaga gown. Beautiful, both of them.

Photo Credit: FabSugar

Not only does she know and love the classics, she rocks the designs and trends that are in vogue right this second! Case-in-point: her shimmering sequined cocktail dress by Proenza Schouler at the Gothman Independent Film Awards. (Ok, ok, it was December 2009. That just means she was ahead of the game!)

Photo Credit: The Insider

There really isn’t a need for a caption here. It’s a totally gratuitous inclusion. Natalie has been featured time and time again by myriad fashion magazines, such as Vogue and ELLE, but this particular spread in Marie Claire is simply gorgeous.

Image Credit: GraceandKate

I love Natalie Portman, and I could marvel over her forever, so I’ll tie her style in with the corporate aspect now. Take a look at her outfit above at the 9th Annual Arts & Leisure Event back in January. The dress, by Rodarte for Target (only $40 – she is so down-to-earth, I could hug her) definitely has the potential to make her rival Courtney Love as the next grunge princess, but see how she combs the grunge out of the tulle by surrounding it with stark, black accessories? Essentially her outfit is: a cardigan, an armor-esque belt (not made of real leather), leggings, and seemingly patent-leather booties. The dress then becomes the accessory, the flash of color and texture. Instead of the canvas, it becomes the paint. It’s the olive in a martini, which makes it special instead of an explosion of fluffy, butterscotch-colored material.

Is this particular outfit appropriate for the office? It certainly could be! The Rodarte for Target dress might make the firm’s top partner choke on his or her Pret a Manger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t substitute it with another that’s less like cotton candy. With your dress as the accessory, it can be almost anything you want – solid, spotted or even zebra print (animal print is a tricky area, but you might get away with it here). Good luck finding the olive to your martini!



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  2. Tiffany

    She looks amazing!!!!!!! Get all of Natalie’s clothes here

  3. I’ve loved Natalie since The Professional. She’s so elegant it hurts. Lovely blog hun ❤

  4. I love her iconic style!!

  5. She has such great style. Nice collection of looks! ❤

    -Dyanna Pure

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