White Gold Sequin Mini-Dress

Feeling good about what you’re wearing should be everyone’s top priority, and with this fantastic Sammy Davis Vintage mini dress, that’s very easy to do. It must be the most comfortable Saturday night dress in existence (sorry ladies, it’s mine), and it causes none of the regular mini dress stresses when you are out on the town: it’s not so short that you can’t bend over to pick up your dropped cell phone, it fits your body instead of your body trying to conform to its structure and the dress’s crew neck leaves you free to twist and shout and jump around without worrying about anything, ummm…popping out. Leaning a little conservative can be totally worth it!

Besides being insanely comfortable, this dress makes a statement. The sequins add a subtle sparkle, and how many girls out there are wearing white for their girls’ night out? I go for gold accessories and neutral shoes, and I’m thinking that a gold clutch could be a nice addition (maybe something like this?). Of course, almost any color can work with a white dress, so it can be accessorized differently each time it’s worn! Teal was my color of choice most recently 🙂

Meredith’s Look:

Dress: Sammy Davis Vintage, $40

Shoes: Cole Haan, $72

Cuff: The Beadin’ Path, $10

Earrings: H&M, $12

Clutch: Hand-me-down



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14 responses to “White Gold Sequin Mini-Dress

  1. OK. I am sitting here, my mouth agape. Meredith, your body is AMAZING in this dress. HOW MANY CATCALLS DID YOU GET.

    I can’t take it. You’re gorgeous.


  2. Kate

    Dear. Sweet. Jesus. Meredith, you are a stone-cold fox. That is the hottest thing since Colin Firth diving into the lake in Pride and Prejudice. Or, since Gerard Butler in 300. Or, since… eh, screw it. You’re hotter.


  3. holy supermodel!
    i *love* this dress.
    and you look absolutely stunning!

  4. Love your dress looking pretty
    keep in touch!

  5. Sandy

    WOW. Knockout!

  6. Anna

    Putainmerde, c trop! Yup Kate, “stone cold fox” just about sums it up. You look absolutely stunning in that dress!

  7. Thanks for all of the love, friends!!

  8. that dress is killer! and vintage? what a great find

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  10. LOVE your dress! You look so great! Lovely blog; happy I found you!

    Delightful Bitefuls

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