Tulip Skirt for the Summer

Ahhhh, home sweet home.

I wish. For now, anyways, the outside wall of this gorgeous townhouse creates a wonderful backdrop for CC shoots!

This skirt may or may not remind you of a previous post. I like to pretend that the two skirts don’t look too similar, but…it is rather difficult to deny.  The bottom line is that I love the slight tulip shape of the skirt and pockets are always irresistible. As for the blouse, it’s an elegant cut with a fun bow, but it might not be conservative enough for the average office. This is why I usually pair it with a black cardigan, one that can be removed for venturing out in the 90 degree heat at lunch or when meeting friends for drinks after work.

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend!

Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Banana Republic, $25

Cardigan: Banana Republic, $30

Skirt: H&M, $30

Shoes: Payless, $20



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7 responses to “Tulip Skirt for the Summer

  1. I love this skirt! I got a whole bunch of flowly skirts last summer for my “business casual” internship but now I’m kinda wanting a more fitted look too – ahhh the dilemmas of the working world 🙂

  2. Lai

    just curious as to whether this blog is REALLY an excuse to do LOTS of shopping? 😉 LOVE the skirt Mere!

  3. LOVE this skirt. I’m also a huge fan of the tulip shape…just as chic as a pencil but much more forgiving for days when I feel frumpy. I love it in khaki though…I only have a black one 😦

    • I think I’ve seen your black one on The New Professional – it’s cute! I probably should have gone with black the second time around instead of a second khaki options…hahaha.

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