Weddings 101: Engagement Party Style

Now that the bridal shower is over, it’s time to shop for an engagement party dress! Although the tone of engagement parties can vary widely, they tend to be a slightly fancier affair than the afternoon bridal shower. For this reason, we searched for dresses that are sophisticated, elegant and could double as a Friday night cocktail option. We provided a range of choices so everyone will be covered, from the easy house BBQ to the schmancy new hot spot downtown. Here are CC’s picks:

Less than $100:

Modcloth: Burst of Energy Dress, $57.99

Modcloth: Windy City Dress, $64.99

Anthropologie: Grand Island Dress, $98

Forever 21: Shirred Knit Dress, $17

Ann Taylor LOFT: Double V-Neck Knit Dress, $90

More than $100:

Banana Republic: Silk Crinkle Print Dress, $130

Anthropologie: Echoing Dress, $148

J. Crew: Cotton Blakely Dress, $118

J.Crew: Silk Tricotine Cecilia Dress, $150

Topshop: Gather Dress by Boutique, $135

Shopbop: Rebecca Taylor Paillette Dress, $277

Shopbop: Dallin Chase Halter Long Dress, $110



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9 responses to “Weddings 101: Engagement Party Style

  1. Meredith

    Mere, you have a dress just like “Windy City Dress,” right? Such a great neckline. Love it!

  2. meg

    Ohhhhh my god, I have been lusting after ModCloth’s Windy City dress for MONTHS now. And the Hotel Particulier dress. If only my own wedding weren’t sucking up all my extra income…!! Gorgeous picks, ladies.

    • Hahahaha really? I love it! It’s actually quite comfortable, but probably not the best pick for a windy day (a little on the short and flowy side). You may not get the Windy City dress, but you DO get a wedding dress. Not so bad!

  3. Oh, how to choose?! I love all your selections! Great blog 🙂

    Delightful Bitefuls

  4. Jane


  5. i love the bannana republic dress, great post, gorgeous blog babe.

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