Celebrate Style and Purpose with SDV & Pink Brick House

In case you haven’t noticed, Cubicle Chic is a huge fan of Sammy Davis Vintage. We have already worn several of her fantastic items (here, here, here and here), and there are several more SDV-inspired outfits in the works. We just can’t get enough! Below is her newest head shot – isn’t she absolutely adorable?

Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage

Pink Brick House

Now Cubicle Chic has two more ladies to love and adore: Kristen and Jasmine of Pink Brick House, an organization dedicated to empowering women in business through all means possible. SDV and Pink Brick House are teaming up this Saturday to throw an expertly curated sale of SDV goodies in the East Village. In addition to complementary wine and cupcakes, it will be an exciting gathering of fabulous, dynamic and beautiful women talking, networking and having a good time!

Cubicle Chic jumped at the chance to interview both SDV and Pink Brick House to learn more about their respective missions and how excited they are to be working together.

And naturally, because Cubicle Chic is a blog about what to wear to work, we’re proud supporters of women in business…so you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll see us there!

CC: Kristen and Jasmine, Pink Brick House has an impressive and exciting mission. What led you two to establish the agency?

PBH: The number one reason we created Pink Brick House was that there was so little media for smart, young women that we could actually enjoy without exception. In addition, we thought there should be more women in positions of mainstream media ownership and realized the two of us were leaders of the largest, most educated and diverse market in history with a lot of answers to problems our more experienced peers struggled with. On top of all that, we couldn’t think of anything more fun than entertaining fearless, fabulous women all over the world.

CC: Who would you say is your target audience and how do you reach out to them?

PBH: Our main target audience is young, ambitious women living in major, global cities. Currently, we reach out to them through events like the one we’re doing with Sammy Davis Vintage and our social media channels. In the near future, we’ll entertain our audiences through web and mobile platforms, music, ad campaigns and press.

CC: What have been some of your first projects? Can you tell us about future projects?

PBH: We’re about to launch our executive blog, which chronicles our adventure in starting a revolutionary media agency, and we’re in development with our first major project now. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we can say it involves a scripted show for the web. Really, when it comes to future projects, we’re going to be focused on this first platform for a few years. When its holding its own, we’ll start expanding into music and film.

CC: How much fun was the photo shoot for the Style and Purpose event and what are your favorite pieces?

PBH: The most fun part of the photo shoot was rediscovering how stunning all of our models were. We had one girl who came in hung over and stressed out from the night before and every picture: flawless. But they were all transformative and flawless. Definitely beautiful to begin with, but it was really incredible. Our favorite pieces from the collection are the dresses with big, bold geometric prints and full portraits of jungle animals.

CC: Where did you all meet and how did you decide to collaborate together? What does an SDV and Pink Brick House collaboration mean for each of your respective goals and ideals?

SDV: Pink Brick House founder Kristen Dolle introduced herself to me at a networking event in 2009. We met soon after to share our business plans with one another and to act as soundboards to those hopes and dreams we spilled over drinks and appetizers. I’ve followed Pink Brick House since its beginnings and have always believed that someday I would be involved with its mission in some shape or form.

Pink Brick House’s mission statement is an embodiment of what I hope my brand is creating for women: the future of conscious fashion for women. Conscious fashion not only relates to the product, but to the people and to the purpose behind it. That is why we are creating this event to encompass both style and purpose — to show women, through the production of media as created by Pink Brick House — that empowerment does inspire from within your fashion decisions.

PBH: Well, Jasmine and I met at NYU and, as Sammy said, I met her through New York Women in Communications. We’ve always supported each other’s brands because we do have a very similar mission even though it’s executed in different ways. Plus, we’re just fans of each other. From a strategic standpoint, working with Sammy is important to Pink Brick House because so many of her fans are women we serve. It’s good in terms of publicity, market research and inspiration.

CC: Could you imagine similar collaborations in the future?

SDV: We will definitely collaborate again in the future. We have great hopes for this event and its positive effects on attendees, experienced both during and post-event. We hope that each collaboration inspires our audience with an atmosphere that drives and delivers female empowerment through even the most common of activities: like shopping.

PBH: We share a similar audience, so the more we can do to serve them, the better. Part of what Pink Brick House does as an agency is work with young brands and local businesses to create and/or further relationships with our demographic, so there are opportunities there as well.

CC: If you could describe your personal style in a short, simple statement (a few words), what would you say?

SDV: When it comes to personal style, I’m like your eclectic great-aunt, only I’m 24 years old, not 64. I dress to feel good about who I am and what I’m doing. This is the feel-good fashion platform I work to pass onto the SDV customer, except she doesn’t have to feel like a loony 64-year-old woman. 🙂


Kristen: Bright colors. Bold statements.

Jasmine: Polished. Powerful. Beautiful.

Check out some of the photos from the SDV PBH photo shoot! Expect to see some of these chic pieces at the sale on Saturday!

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday!



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5 responses to “Celebrate Style and Purpose with SDV & Pink Brick House

  1. The floor length dress is incredible! Would they send to Toronto 🙂

  2. that’s in my neighborhood. i know my saturday is rather booked…but if i get a minute i will certainly stop on by!

  3. Hey @Snapshot fashion! I hope you can stop by 😉 Or feel free to send me an email to say hellloooo! Sammy@sammydvintage.com

    @sevendollarpants, well … if it doesn’t sell, do you want measurements? I do online sales, too! xo

    Thanks for your support everyone!

  4. Sounds like fun. I will definitely try and stop by this Saturday. especially if that blue maxi dress will be on sale!


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