The Gentleman: Haircut and Sales

Last week, the Gentleman discussed trying out a new haircut. I posted three possible new styles and solicited feedback. Thanks to those of you who gave me your advice; I was able to make a decision. I decided to go with something like this haircut:

After last week’s article, I found a new barber in New Orleans, Ceaser, who owns the Magazine Street Barbershop. Ceaser works by appointment only and reserves thirty minutes for every client. He does an extremely thorough job for the reasonable price of $25. The barbershop itself has a classic vibe, which, as you know, the Gentleman loves. It is brightly lit, features classic Dixie jazz on the radio and displays vintage New Orleans black and white photography on the walls. Everything about it is a throwback to an era of individualized service and care. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good haircut in the Big Easy.

Here’s the end result:

Although not radically different from what I had before, I really like how the cut is trim around the sides without being crew-cut short. I also like the subtle layering he did on top. It gives the hair a bit of volume without it being a floppy mess. I feel like my quest for a new haircut has been satisfied – for now.

In addition to the new haircut, last week the Gentleman also had what could be called one of his first fashion consults. One of my law school friends who is working for a federal judge this summer told me that his wardrobe was not up to par for the courtroom. He approached me for advice because his girlfriend mentioned that I always dress well and that the two of us should go shopping. I’m not sure whether the Gentlemen has ever received a higher compliment!

My friend asked me a very simple question: what clothing is appropriate for the courtroom? He had been told that some of his shirts weren’t professional enough and he was not sure why. After taking a look at the shirt he was wearing that day, I realized what he needed to do: keep it simple. The shirt, likely from American Eagle, was something like a long-sleeved bowling shirt. It was dark blue and featured wide vertical stripes. It’s sheer busy-ness gave it a slacker, casual demeanor that would be completely out of place in a federal judge’s chambers.

That night I took my friend to Brooks Brothers and picked out three solid shirts for him: white, light blue and pink, each with a medium-width collar (not as wide as the British shirts mentioned previously). They were also non-iron shirts, which look great and are ideal for young gentlemen who do not always have the time to iron after taking a shirt out of the dryer.

Some might consider solid shirts in white, light blue and pink to be boring. In my opinion, they are the foundation of a man’s shirting wardrobe and something that no man should be without. Solid colors allow for an interesting tie-shirt contrast without appearing gaudy. They can also be worn open collar, without a tie, and still look clean and professional.

As for the cut of the shirts, we made sure they were from the slim-fit line. Gentlemen who are first investing in new shirts often underestimate how important it is to find slim-fit shirts. The typical American shirt is cut very wide to accommodate heftier men. This results a lot of excess fabric that will consequently make you look larger than you actually are. A slim-fit shirt eliminates that billowing and creates a smoother, crisper silhouette.

I mention Brooks Brothers a lot because, not only is it the oldest clothing store in America, it is also the epitome of what is acceptable in a professional work environment. There is literally nothing that you could buy in their professional dress section that would be out of place in the courtroom or the office. The only problem with Brooks Brothers is the price point. Fortunately, they have a huge sale with deep discounts on all of their products twice a year, one of which is beginning this weekend and lasting for two weeks. I highly recommend that every gentleman check it out. All of their staples (shirt, ties, dress trousers) will be the at their lowest retail price. Consequently, my friend and I are going back this weekend to shop for trousers.

Brooks Brothers, All Cotton Non-Iron Slim Fit Pinpoint Ainsley Collar Dress Shirt, $79.50

Next week, The Gentleman tries on summer belts…


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  1. I’m glad you chose that cut–looks nice.

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