The Las Vegas Dress

Almost every woman has at least one LBD…this happens to be my third. I have a simple, cotton A-line spaghetti strap dress from Express, perfect for a casual summer day, and a form-fitting, formal sleeveless style, also from Express. I could probably wear the first two to work, but this one is certainly an office no-no. No blazer, cardigan or pair of nylons would make this one a weekday wear. It was a Christmas gift from my mom; she has good taste, no? I deemed it the “Las Vegas Dress” when I brought it on vacation there with my boyfriend last January, but I never had a chance to wear it because the weather was a tad chillier than expected. I’m waiting for the perfect occasion…perhaps a ladies’ night out on the town?

We shot this in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, my new(ish) nabe. My landlord and his sons were peering through the window while Meredith and I were striking poses. I can’t blame them; she looked stunning in her white Sammy Davis Vintage dress.

I love how it’s simultaneously edgy and mysterious.

Lindsay’s Look:

Dress: Topshop, $150

Clutch: H&M, $6

Bangles: H&M, $4

Shoes: Bandolino, $40



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8 responses to “The Las Vegas Dress

  1. That is definitely a terrific dress! I am a fan of the cutout.

  2. Alex

    Ladies — this might be one of my favorites yet…each photo is truly stunning. This could be in a high fashion mag. I love the reflection shot — and the one right before the shot of you walking away, Lindsay, should be your official headshot! Gorgeous photos. This is as much a beautiful photography blog as a fashion one.

    Keep it up!


    • Wow, Alex! Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment – it totally made our day 🙂 So happy you like our work and very appreciative of your kind words!


  3. This is SUCH a fun dress! I love the sparkles and the back is absolutely lovely. This would be perfect for a girl’s night out!
    xo Josie

  4. Love that dress
    Visit my blog to enter my contest I am doing currently.

  5. that dress is awesome
    and you look like nicole fox! 🙂
    loving the blog
    stop by some time xx

  6. LisaK

    loves it. so glad you are finally showing more of that HOTTTT back.

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