The Gentleman at Leisure: What To Do About The Belt?

Belts are probably the most under-appreciated accessory in a gentleman’s wardrobe, and it’s easy to understand why. After spending time (and money) making sure that an outfit is put together, it’s so simple to throw on a brown or black belt from your closet and head out the door. There’s nothing wrong with that; every gentleman needs a brown and a black belt to pair with his dress shoes, and those same belts go quite nicely with almost everything a gentleman may wear. However, although they are sufficient, they are not the only kinds of belts out there, and with a little bit of thought, an interesting belt can add an extra dash of style to many casual outfits.

Because a gentleman can get away with brighter colors and louder patterns during the summer, now is the best time to jazz up your wardrobe with some unusual belts.

Here’s a navy and white striped cloth stretch belt from J.Press with a subtle nautical theme:

Photo Credit:

I bought this belt last summer and have gotten a lot of wear out of it during the spring and summer months.

The Gentleman also really likes this simple leather belt with an anchor buckle from J.Crew. The anchor is a cool summer detail that is a lot of fun but not too over the top.

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The Gentleman recently discovered a clothing company called Southern Proper that specializes in whimsical, Dixie-inspired clothing. Below is a cloth belt with a marlin design that’s fantastic. It’s not for everyone, but a gentleman who enjoys indulging his preppy side will have fun wearing it for weekend outings.

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In the Gentleman’s opinion, however, it is possible to add too much whimsy. While J.Crew’s offerings have been almost uniformly fantastic over the last couple of years, to the Gentleman, this lobster claw belt screams of trying too hard. I mean, who really wants a crustacean claw clinging to their waist?

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While black and brown belts will always have a place in every gentleman’s closet and are among the only acceptable colors for the office, I hope I’ve given you interesting ideas for summer belts that inspire you to try something different when it comes to holding your pants up.

Next week, the Gentleman takes a break from clothing to talk about mixing his favorite summer drink – one that you’ve probably never heard of…



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4 responses to “The Gentleman at Leisure: What To Do About The Belt?

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  2. Is it an old-school drink? I am intrigued.

  3. I second the claw is not ok for anyone to own. Otherwise, I really like the featured belts. They can help bring some life to what could be a very basic look for any gentleman.

  4. The Gentleman

    Thanks for the comment, A. Lopez! Just pulled up your blog. Looks like there is some good stuff going on there. I’ll have to spend some time perusing it.

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