Stolen Says: Imitate the Greats

In honor of the World Cup, Stolen Says brings you the most fashion-forward, iconic couple of our era: Victoria & David Beckham! Though Becks is on the sidelines this World Cup season and Spice Girl reunions are a thing of the past, these two are celebrity beacons of inspiration – they uphold a level of style and grace that we can all strive to achieve.

What can you say about the dynamic duo when their image says it all? Glam. Perfection. Love. Glory. Lust. Ambition. (I sound like an ad campaign…dangerously close to Marc Jacobs’ newest fragrance…) They have it all, and yet somehow, they make it all look so effortless! Damn them.

I will say that they really do set a great example when it comes to their wardrobe choices. Check it out.

Their casual dress below is sexy-without-trying. By pairing his half-buttoned shirt with a white A-shirt underneath, D avoids the sleazy look that other celebrities (I’m not naming names) might achieve. Also, gentlemen, notice he has not opted for a standard white crew-neck t-shirt. This would be a big fashion no-no, guys. Unless you’re buttoning up all the way and wearing a tie, leave that white t-shirt at home.

As for V – there are hardly words. She’s the very embodiment of casual chic a la Audrey Hepburn with her skinnies and stripes!

Photo Credit: Topnews

Here’s something you don’t see every day – celebrities dressed for the office! Of course, Posh and Becks aren’t headed to a cubicle anytime soon, but their wardrobe choices display many viable options for our cubicles. Take a peek at the examples below:

Photo Credit: Posh24

Photo Credit: Luxury Launches

Again, I have little to say about Victoria. She is so glamorous, put together and surprisingly office appropriate. The only thing that gives her away is the footwear. Fabulous though it is, you should probably opt for shorter heels and less…latex-y products. Also, because she is Victoria Beckham, she can get away with more shoulder baring and cleavage (as seen below). We’ve been over this, ladies – with a cardigan or a blazer, you’ll have the corporate equivalent of V’s fab.

David is suit perfection. Three-piece. Two-button. Wingtip or cap-toe shoes, no doubt of Italian leather. They kill me, they really, really do. If I ever had the chance to rummage through their wardrobe… let’s just say I could die a happy man. Or maybe I would live very happily with D’s shoes proudly on display in my bedroom.

Photo Credit: Celebrity Poker Player

In this final photo below, Posh is dressed to the nines in a fashion-forward version of corporate attire, while Becks sports a more casual look – and yet somehow they still manage to work it together and make it fit. I am loving that large knit cardigan on Becks! It gives an extra touch of class to his t-shirt and jeans combo, which, with Becks being Becks, is still pretty hot. But take a page from each of their books. They’re living, walking, fabulous proof that style, whether corporate or casual, should never be boring.

Photo Credit: Celebrity Poker Player

In conclusion, the moral of the story is: imitate the greats, and you’re golden.

In other news, it’s New York’s Gay Pride Week: Happy Pride!



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2 responses to “Stolen Says: Imitate the Greats

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  2. I adore Victoria Beckham’s tailored looks…they would be great in an office and are so fashion forward. Great feature!

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