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Cubicle Chic LOVES Blogs!

Yes, we know it’s hard to believe, but there were blogs before Cubicle Chic 😉 We’ve totally been feeling the blog love lately and can’t bear to hide some of our favorites from you a moment longer. There are so many amazing blogs out in cyberspace that it’s difficult to choose which ones to follow regularly, so we’ve compiled few that are definitely worth your time. Other than bumping our corporate connection to the top of the list because we feel the deepest camaraderie with her, these aren’t in any particular order. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

The New Professional

As one of our fellow corporate bloggers (in fact, perhaps the only other one who styles editorial posts focused on what to wear to work), TNP offers up tips on office etiquette, fashion and style for the workplace, often all based on her own experiences. We love her cute and always witty from-the-trenches writing style.


We are absolutely in LOVE with this redhead’s laid-back, easy breezy feminine style. She channels a mix of Californian ease and country western spunk, and she makes everything look totally effortless (yes – this is a skill!). The kicker? She’s only 17. We predict she’ll make some waves while she’s sewing her seeds at Parsons.

Keiko Lynn

In the blogosphere, Keiko Lynn (pronounced cake-oh) is a bold-faced name. While we’re trying to focus on lesser known bloggers, we couldn’t stop ourselves from posting about Makeup Mondays. In addition to adding some serious smiles to our early morning blog checking, we have learned a LOT about how to get her super pretty looks! We love her unconventional tips (read: spray eyeliner brush with water before putting on a powder liner) and the way she interacts with so many readers.

the owls are not what they seem

We love this dynamic blogging duo for their unique take on style. They’re very practical and down to earth about it all, like when Noel wore this jumpsuit like “it ain’t no thang.” We delight in reading their conversational musings about day to day style – and it’s no wonder! While Cubicle Chic was doing some research for this post, we discovered that they are both studying to acquire PhDs in psycholinguistics. We don’t think they can get any cooler!

Seven Dollar Pants

This beautiful blogger duo comes to you from Toronto, which is one of our favorite things about them! Like Cubicle Chic, they’re focused on accessible, budget-focused style and have a “real girl” feel to their content. We absolutely love their style and kind of wish we could steal their hair.

Smart Pretty and Awkward

Cubicle Chic likes to think we can relate to Molly, the founder of SP&A, on all levels. Along with our obvious fascination with fashion, we are both by-the-books-smart with a penchant for doing silly things…like bumping into walls or spilling falafel on freshly dry-cleaned skirts. Like Molly, we believe it’s quite all right to be all three (smart, pretty AND awkward ;))

My Daily Clothes Fix

Although Emma’s funky and colorful style is a huge draw for Cubicle Chic, we are also impressed by her ability to find crazy, amazing bargains for her outfits. Dresses from Zara for 1£? We have no words! She also presents beautiful photography (great close-ups!) with some of the most gorgeous settings for her shoots. Though we love city living, it would be too good to be true to live near fields this green. Watch out Emma – we may be joining you in England for photo shoots!

Vogue Gone Rogue

Wait…so that’s not a spread from Vogue? This girl has some seriously stunning photos with attitude to boot, and we love it. She’s on motorcycles, sneaking into ancient Italian gardens, writhing on a pile of old books AND she’s writing thought-provoking content that proves she’s so much more than a pretty face.

So those are a few of the blogs we’re enjoying these days – what are some of yours?



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Stolen Says: Suave Clive Owen

Stealthy, clever, witty and charming – that’s Clive Owen in a nutshell. He’s basically the real life version of James Bond. So suave, it almost hurts (but in such a good, good way). Besides an alluring accent and a penchant for action, James Bond and Clive Owen share an insanely high sense of style. Granted, Clive could wear a gunny sack and still look amazing; he is definitely one fellow who knows how to dress to the nines, rock it casually…and everything in between.

Some examples, if you please:

Below, Clive is with his elegant wife at the 54th Berlin Film Festival. I would normally steer any gentleman away from a blazer with that velvety texture and noticeable sheen – Johnny Weir wears enough sparkle and shine for most of the world’s men, after all. The sheen in question aside, Clive makes a sophisticated pairing with charcoal slacks and a well-chosen tie that creatively blends the two textures. He polishes the outfit with those gorgeous, gorgeous, black, round-toed lace-ups that pull it all together into one artful ensemble. The sleeves of his blazer are too long – that’s my main criticism of this outfit (and the goofy look on his face, but I’m presuming that he’s genuinely happy about something, which is great. So.).

Photo Credit: Zimbio

Photo Credit: Zimbio

Keep in casual, keep it suave. Even in his off-time, Clive upholds that celebrity cool. It’s all in the accessories – he combines the classic leather-banded watch, Tom Ford aviators, and a lightweight windbreaker over his basic faded jeans and black cardi combo. He could do better with his footwear. Clogs are generally meant for gardening and slippers for lounging around the house, and these look like the lovechild of the two. But considering that crocs (shudder) were an option he obviously skipped, and the clog-slipper-lovechild shoes are still fairly manly, I’ll let it slide. (But don’t you try to get away with it – because you won’t. Remember, he’s Clive Owen.)

Photo Credit: Sofemine

So far we’ve seen Mr. Owen outfitted casually, both in jeans and suit separates – now it’s time for the real thing. Below, Clive rocks that two-button, notch-lapel charcoal suit like it was made for him (… probably was). He’s got all aspects of his outfit down to a T. The suit fits like a glove. His four-in-hand knotted tie falls just above his belt, which complements the shoes but appropriately isn’t made from the same type of leather – too matchy-matchy is not sexy. The pants are flat front and the shoes, though a tad hard to scrutinize from this distance and angle, appear to be a match made in heaven. All he needs is a pocket square and a tie bar, and he’d be straight out of GQ; the lack of those details makes him seem a little rogue, though, which is kinda hot. And the bag. It takes a real man to pull off a duffel like that (I’d like to imagine it’s filled with classified documents, $3 million in foreign currency and passports from eight different sovereigns). Classic, durable and definitely the chicest form of function for a man.

Photo Credit: JustJared

Gentleman, this tip’s for you. Take note, for Clive Owen’s suave is all in the details; the length of the sleeves and the tie, the pairing of blazers with slacks and belts with shoes. It’s these little things that will put you one step ahead of Joe in the cube next to you. Subtlety is the key to suave. And yes, I love me some suave.


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Flower Necklace in Stuyvesant Park

This outfit is all about the accessories. To begin with…the return of the green shoes! Their first appearance on the blog was with my patterned A-line skirt, and I thought that they were an excellent pop of color for this more subdued look. Next, we have my favorite belt. It fits perfectly at the waist and adds definition to dresses, sweaters, shirts – anything! Finally, I love wearing this necklace with this sweater because they are both blue/gray, but the pearls and the gemstone flower add a shiny touch of whimsy and fun! So there are several noteworthy accessories involved, but it doesn’t feel like too much to me at all – they all work together so well.

Oh, and did I mention that the skirt has pockets? Obviously, Cubicle Chic approved 🙂

Meredith’s Look:

Sweater: Banana Republic, $40

Skirt: Banana Republic, $35

Shoes: Nine West, $25

Belt: Forever21, $10

Necklace: Branché Jewelry Design (I might make some to sell soon!)


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The Gentleman: Summer Sales

Sale Watch: End of Summer

There’s still about a month left of summer, but don’t tell America’s clothing retailers. They are already moving their summer stock out to make room for fall collections. This is a great time for The Gentleman, however, because he can begin purchasing many key summer pieces at deep discounts that he can, nonetheless, wear with pride until Labor Day. Here are my top five end of summer buys.

1. Baird McNutt for J.Crew Linen Shirt

Photo Credit: J.Crew

J.Crew, in collaboration with Baird McNutt, makes one of the best affordable Irish linen shirts. I own this shirt and it is simply fantastic at keeping you cool in the summer. Originally $70, and now on sale for $40, every gentleman ought to buy it for his summer wardrobe.

2. J.Crew Irish Linen Dress Pant

Photo Credit: J.Crew

A good companion to their linen shirt, J.Crew makes a dress trouser in Irish linen as well. Earlier this summer I had been lamenting the lack of a good pair of pure linen trousers for under $100 to keep me cool in the 90 degree New Orleans heat. This looks to be the solution. At $80 on sale, the price is absolutely right. I’m going to be picking them up in light grey.

3. J.Crew Exclusive Jack Purcell Sneakers

Photo Credit: J.Crew

The Converse Jack Purcell is my favorite classic kick around sneaker. Last summer I bought J.Crew’s exclusively colored version and have been loving it ever since. It’s held up really well and is the kind of sneaker you can easily dress up with a blazer and khakis for an evening out at your neighborhood bar. They have a limited number of sizes online, but J.Crew usually has a greater variety on sale in their stores.

4. T.M. Lewin’s Four for 90 pounds Shirt Sale

Photo Credit: T.M. Lewin

I mentioned T.M. Lewin’s dress shirts last April because they are quite simply the best dress shirt that can be had for under $100 a piece. Not only is the price right, but at their current four for 90 pounds sale, you can have four dress shirts in any style or color for less than $40 each. That’s the foundation for a solid work wardrobe in one swipe of the credit card. With the pound still weak against the dollar, if you need dress shirts, this is a deal too good to miss. Here’s a great looking, understated summer check dress shirt from T.M. Lewin. Because you can get any four for this deal, you can mix and match to make your ideal work dress shirt wardrobe.

5. Lacoste Polo Shirt in a Summer Color

Photo Credit: Lacoste

Previously, I alluded to the fact that the classic Lacoste pique polo shirt always goes on sale. At their sticker price of $80, they are out of the typical price range for this Gentleman. At $55 each, as they are right now, they’re much easier on the wallet. Lacoste polos have, in my opinion, the best fit of any polo shirt on the market and the greatest variety of colors. For the summer, you can’t go wrong with a polo shirt in cerulean blue like this one.

If you find any other killer deals on summer clothing and accessories, please mention them in the comments. The Gentleman is always on the lookout for classic style on a shoestring budget.

Next week, The Gentleman begins investigating briefcases and messenger bags…


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How To Wear A Scarf In The Office

I’ve always coveted a “signature style piece,” something that a friend could look at and immediately proclaim, “That’s so YOU!” Cubicle Chic has certainly helped me define my personal style, but I also think I now have a signature: polka dots!

I originally wore this scarf as a tube top on Independence Day, but it has SO MANY USES. Here, I’ve incorporated it into an otherwise plain office ensemble by tying it the same way I tie winter scarves: double up the scarf, draped it around my neck and pulled the loose ends through the loop. Lately I’ve been tying it to my bag (same way), giving it a little extra flavor!

If you couldn’t tell, it’s an SDV piece… scarves are another fantastic way to work some vintage into your office wardrobe. You may think I am crazy for wearing a silk scarf in the heat of summer, but during the day it kept the air conditioning-induced goosebumps away 🙂

The magenta shoes add playful touch to the white and navy combination, and they’re not too much for day to day wear. Unexpected pops of color are my favorite.

Lindsay’s Look:

Scarf: Sammy Davis Vintage, $18

Shoes: Nine West, $40

Top: J.Crew, $24

Cardigan: J.Crew, $45

Sunglasses: H&M, $4

Skirt: Banana Republic, $30


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Mad Men Style for a Party or a Cubicle

Due to circumstances outside of our control, our little surprise we mentioned yesterday will have to be postponed until next week. Let’s just say – it’s going to be great!

Instead, we’ve got a Mad Men-inspired post just in time for the show’s season four premier this Sunday. Without a doubt, that show has had a huge influence on current fashion trends on television, in movies and in everyday life. Americans have rediscovered the powerful sexiness of a well-cut suit on a man and the subtle allure of a well-defined waist on a woman. You don’t have to show everything to look great.

An oldie-but-goodie at this point, my black, vintage, “50s housewife” dress (as I used to refer to it in the days before Mad Men) is a favorite. You know when you try something on and you think it must have been specially tailored for you? This dress is just like that. It’s so easy to wear because I know it was meant for me!

Normally this dress comes out of the closet for various parties or afternoon events, but Lindsay’s immediate reaction to it was – that would be perfect for work! Although I find it difficult to re-imagine the dress as more than just a party option, I think it’s worth a try. Its length, simplicity and modesty all make it rather office-ready. Paired with some cute black flats … what do you think?

Killer, right? Now these are party shoes. Sexy heel: check. Teal: check. A little toe cleavage: check. What’s not to love? (Besides the horrible pain of walking 3 blocks – this tall girl needs a little more practice wearing heels!)

Enjoy the premier of Mad Men – I know I will be! Are you a Joan? A Peggy? A Betty? Or maybe a (dreamy and oh so complicated) Don?

Meredith’s Look:

Dress: Sid Vintage, $45

Heels: SDV, $20

Pearls: The Beadin’ Path


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The 5 Working Wardrobe Basics

To be fully prepared to dress for the working world, there are a few basics that all career ladies should have in their closets. They are your foundation. From this base you can mix and match and add the fantastic accessories that make the outfit.

It’s important to have a strong foundation, so in this post we show you our five office wardrobe essentials: the pencil skirt, the solid button-up shirt, the suit (pant suit or skirt suit are both fantastic options) and the dress (both sheath dresses and wrap dresses meet the criteria). To see how each of us jazzes up our looks, check back tomorrow for a surprise!

The Pencil Skirt:

The Button-Up Shirt:

The Suit:

The Sheath Dress:

The Cardigan:

Missing a few of these items? We’ve compiled a list of links to some affordable options for you to complete your basics collection!

Corporate Wardrobe Basics

Pencil Skirt: J.Crew, $118

Solid Button-Down: Gap (on sale), $15

Suit: Banana Republic, $278

Sheath Dress: Calvin Klein, $99

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, $40


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