Purple Shirts and Pencil Skirts

What was supposed to be an afternoon full of thunderstorms ended up being the perfect evening for a shoot – and for yoga! Apparently, there was a massive yoga class in Bryant Park courtesy of lululemon (the designer of my favorite gym pants), and it was so cool to see so many people doing the asanas in sync!

Yay for yoga!

I originally wore this shirt in Rockefeller Center as part of my most comfortable ensemble. I love the material: the cotton is a little weighter than usual, making for the perfect drape. The gray skirt was from the Cubicle Chic launch party!

It’s lovely finding little bits of nature in New York. Although I’m sure they’re entirely part of the man-made park, but these little snippets of green and color are so pretty!

I think ivy is one of the most beautiful plants, especially when it’s climbing an equally beautiful old building.

Lindsay’s Look:

Top: H&M, $18

Skirt: H&M, $20

Shoes: Anne Klein, $45

Necklace: H&M, $10

Sunglasses: H&M, $6



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11 responses to “Purple Shirts and Pencil Skirts

  1. Vivian Chu

    love outfits that are stylish that you can still wear to work! you look fabulous!


  2. Cute- love the color purple…so rich!

  3. The colors of your outfit scream luxury. Mental note:shop at H&M more often. Thanks!


  4. I am totally having a pencil skirt addiction. This is only making it worse. Great look.

  5. So jealous of you ladies in NYC 😛
    With love from Toronto!

  6. Love the purple – it looks great with your hair color!

  7. that purple shirt is so pretty on you! and i like the added bit of color with the necklace. the yoga at bryant park looks amazing- wish i would have gone. ~joelle

  8. Pretty! Love the necklace, too. I would have never come up with that but I LOVE the way you wore it.

  9. shesmyhusband

    This blog is fantastic! I often find it hard to mix my fashion sense with the business world.

    I love it ladies!

  10. I just love this! Recently discovered your blog, great job ladies!

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