Weddings 101: The Main Event, Daytime

This time, there were an abundance of dresses to choose from for a couple of reasons. First, weddings held in the daylight tend to be quite popular, and second, we think this is the most versatile type of wedding to dress for. We even suggested a pair of pants and a flowy top for those of you who don’t want to don a dress. Would you wear a pair of chic trousers to a wedding? Let us know, and enjoy our picks!

Less than $100:

Forever21: Soft Sweetheart Dress, $28

NyreeRoseOriginals (an Etsy seller): 70’s Inspired Orange and Turquoise Floral Print Dress, $45

Victoria’s Secret: Sweetheart Dress, $59

Topshop: Corsage One-Shoulder Dress, $80

Modcloth: Frankly, I Don’t Give a Dress, $85

Modcloth: Lucky Streak Dress, $60

More than $100:

Bloomingdale’s: BGBGeneration One-Shoulder Minidress with Exposed Back, $118

Banana Republic: V-Neck Knotted Halter Dress, $130

Nordstrom: Patra Beaded Chiffon Dress, $138

NET-A-PORTER: D&G Satin Crepe Wrap Dress, $575

J.Crew: Grecian Moon Dress, $298

Or, may we suggest pairing this top…

Topshop: Silk Drop Back Vest, $80

…with these pants for an uber-cool, minimalist look?

Modcloth, Languor and Luxury Pants, $40 (both pieces together, $120)

NET-A-PORTER: Alexander McQueen Cape-Back Crepe Dress, $2,195

(a girl’s allowed to dream, right?)



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3 responses to “Weddings 101: The Main Event, Daytime

  1. Nice picks! Love the Mod Cloth & BCBG ones… 🙂

  2. elaine

    yeh – I wore trousers to a wedding 2 years ago. My niece married an Asian boy and lots of the Asian family wore flowy Indian stuff over trousers. The wedding was in December, so cold and dark days. I wore a purple and brown chiffon kaftan top embroidered with gold flowers, over purple drapey velvet trousers. It felt great, and right for the occasion, though hasnt been anywhere else!

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