Classic Navy Shift Dress

I’m an accessories girl, so “minimalist” is not a frequently used word in my style vocabulary. With this Calvin Klein sheath dress, however, simple seemed to be the way to go. The dress’ structure is strong enough that it allows you to focus on its flattering shape without lots of distracting baubles. The main accessory, the belt, subtly ties everything together by matching the black shoes and understated gold earrings.

While shopping for this dress with other tall and curvy friends, we came to the conclusion that Calvin Klein does an excellent job in designing ready-to-wear pieces for our body types, something you wouldn’t have guessed from his sleek runway style. Maybe his designs are for “women” and not “girls”, but whatever the reason, they look good and feel good.

The accessory worth a little discussion is the headband. I thought it went well with the classic look of the ensemble but added a little punch with its sparkle. It was a nice addition, especially because it really shows off my bangs, but, for the sake of full disclosure, it became rather uncomfortable! Why can’t someone design headbands that don’t pinch your head so much that your whole body feels like it has a headache? I was able to sport it for several hours, but by midday, I had to remove it just to be able to think. Maybe I should be looking for sized headbands and go for large. Any suggestions, lovely readers?

Meredith’s Look:

Dress: Calvin Klein, $60

Belt: Banana Republic, $20

Shoes: Target, $20

Headband: Courtesy of Roommate



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12 responses to “Classic Navy Shift Dress

  1. Classic, chic, perfect.

  2. Jane

    This dress is amaaaazing! And your bangs are rocking, Mer!

  3. So cute! Navy is one of my fav colors this season. And it looks great with your gorgeous red locks!

  4. Love this outfit! I have a serious love for CK sheath dresses…I wish I could fill my closet with them.

    And I’m so with you on headbands. I love the way they look but cannot stand the fit.

  5. Bailey

    You look so pretty!!

  6. Marissa

    Love love love this dress! I *need* it for my summer work wardrobe. Where did you find it?

  7. Love that dress. Classic and minimal look good on you.

  8. LawDJ

    I love the dress but it looks WAY too short for my business casual law office. WAY too short.

    • Always a good thing to pay attention to! Because I’m so tall, I have a hard time finding dresses that are long enough, but this one does the trick for me. Plus, it always just looks shorter when you’re sitting down.

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