Corporate Couture

For Cubicle Chic, haute couture is something we can only dream about. This fall 2010 season, however, was more than just poofy dresses (although we looooved John Galliano’s collection for Christian Dior) and inventive design. These shows were more commercial, and we’re not surprised – couture, albeit regrettably, is a dying industry reserved for two types of women: ones who have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spare for a dress they’re likely t0 wear only once…and ones with connections. Be that as it may, the couture collections also provide inspiration for the everyday woman and the clothing lines she can afford, so we wanted to let you in on our favorite corporate-inspired looks from the collections, highlighting two in particular by creating the look for less with Polyvore. Enjoy!

Elie Saab Couture, Photo Credit:

Armani Privé, Photo Credit:

Elie Saab Couture, Photo Credit:

Armani Privé, Photo Credit:

Hey, look! Cropped trousers 🙂

Armani Privé: Photo Credit,

Armani Privé: Photo Credit,

And here’s how to get the look for less, courtesy of Polyvore:

Chanel Couture, Photo Credit:

Click on the image above to see a breakdown by piece and price 🙂


Armani Privé, Photo Credit:

Same here – click on the image to see a breakdown by item.



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4 responses to “Corporate Couture

  1. Nice looks for less. My faves are the Elie Saabs!

  2. I love the Elie Sabb collection!! So beautiful!! I’m obssessed with the blazer from your second look for less collage!! xoxoxoxoo

  3. omg good work on the look for less! loving the items on it.. ❤

  4. I totally love the way couture does corporate suits…They are to die for.

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