Green Satin Shell

I feel a little bit like a Christmas ornament in this shirt, but there’s nothing wrong with some holiday spirit in the middle of July, right? Actually, the shirt does make more appearances around Christmas, because I enjoy being cheesy like that.

Of course, it’s rather chilly in December for a sleeveless top, so it ends up working quite well as a summer option. I just throw on a cardigan while in the office and then can be sweater-free and cool (well, cooler…this 90 degree heat doesn’t allow for cool) while commuting and grabbing lunch.

Because of the ruffles, it wasn’t until I’d worn the shirt a couple of times that I considered adding my favorite strand of pearls. Usually busy shirts don’t need jewelry, but the pearls are the perfect length and add a lady like touch. Plus, they help pull my muted gray shoes (a deviation from my go-to black heels) together with the rest of the outfit.

Check back in December to see how it works as a winter look! 😉

Meredith’s Look:

Shirt: Max Studio, $30

Pants: Banana Republic, $45

Shoes: Banana Republic, $30

Necklace: The Beadin’ Path



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8 responses to “Green Satin Shell

  1. Love the shirt and the pearls. A great look. You look very cool (in both senses of the word).

  2. Fantastic look! The color of the shirt is gorgeous wiht your hair, and I love it with the pearls – adds something a bit extra. 🙂

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  4. The Gentleman

    Your hair is looking particularly red and radiant in those photos. I’m a fan.

  5. Sandy

    YOU look FABULOUS!! The green top is terrific!

    How’s the new place working out?


  6. Love the ruffles…I could totally see this shirt making a great transition from work to evening. And that color looks amazing on you!

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