Mad Men Style for a Party or a Cubicle

Due to circumstances outside of our control, our little surprise we mentioned yesterday will have to be postponed until next week. Let’s just say – it’s going to be great!

Instead, we’ve got a Mad Men-inspired post just in time for the show’s season four premier this Sunday. Without a doubt, that show has had a huge influence on current fashion trends on television, in movies and in everyday life. Americans have rediscovered the powerful sexiness of a well-cut suit on a man and the subtle allure of a well-defined waist on a woman. You don’t have to show everything to look great.

An oldie-but-goodie at this point, my black, vintage, “50s housewife” dress (as I used to refer to it in the days before Mad Men) is a favorite. You know when you try something on and you think it must have been specially tailored for you? This dress is just like that. It’s so easy to wear because I know it was meant for me!

Normally this dress comes out of the closet for various parties or afternoon events, but Lindsay’s immediate reaction to it was – that would be perfect for work! Although I find it difficult to re-imagine the dress as more than just a party option, I think it’s worth a try. Its length, simplicity and modesty all make it rather office-ready. Paired with some cute black flats … what do you think?

Killer, right? Now these are party shoes. Sexy heel: check. Teal: check. A little toe cleavage: check. What’s not to love? (Besides the horrible pain of walking 3 blocks – this tall girl needs a little more practice wearing heels!)

Enjoy the premier of Mad Men – I know I will be! Are you a Joan? A Peggy? A Betty? Or maybe a (dreamy and oh so complicated) Don?

Meredith’s Look:

Dress: Sid Vintage, $45

Heels: SDV, $20

Pearls: The Beadin’ Path



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14 responses to “Mad Men Style for a Party or a Cubicle

  1. Elise

    Hi! Love your blog!

    I adore your teal heels that you wore in your post today, and I would like to find something similar. What or where is SDV? And do they have a website?

    Thanks for doing what you do! You provide me with inspiration for my work wardrobe nearly everyday.


    • Hi Edise! We are so excited to hear that you find some work inspiration on Cubicle Chic! SDV stands for Sammy Davis Vintage. Her site is: She sells on Market Publique, but also has sales in NYC (if you’re from the area). Definitely worth check out! (and she has many more awesome 80s heels like those!)

  2. Heshani

    I adore that dress! Meredith looks amazing! Perfect for work AND a Mad Men themed party! 🙂

  3. Anna

    Mere, you look lovely in that dress – an old favorite of mine 🙂 It’s so versatile and flattering. And the heels are rad.

  4. Sara

    Totally work appropriate as-is! Love it! 🙂

  5. Ally O

    Adorable as usual! PS – Love the mention of toe cleavage. Always a requirement for a fabulous pair of shoes.

  6. Sandy

    We called those type of dresses shirtwaists. I’ll bet your mom has worn a few! I have had many over the years. Very versitile – excellent for work – grab a string of pearls and a pretty shawl or glitzy scarf – set for a dinner date. You are still adorable!

  7. Sandy

    The teal shoes are great – except those heels which would kill me! Love the color.

  8. Jane

    Oh my gosh! This dress is unbelievably cute

  9. obsessed with this show! i had a MM party last night.

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  12. Sid Vintage! NoHo shout out, I love it.

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