The Gentleman: Summer Sales

Sale Watch: End of Summer

There’s still about a month left of summer, but don’t tell America’s clothing retailers. They are already moving their summer stock out to make room for fall collections. This is a great time for The Gentleman, however, because he can begin purchasing many key summer pieces at deep discounts that he can, nonetheless, wear with pride until Labor Day. Here are my top five end of summer buys.

1. Baird McNutt for J.Crew Linen Shirt

Photo Credit: J.Crew

J.Crew, in collaboration with Baird McNutt, makes one of the best affordable Irish linen shirts. I own this shirt and it is simply fantastic at keeping you cool in the summer. Originally $70, and now on sale for $40, every gentleman ought to buy it for his summer wardrobe.

2. J.Crew Irish Linen Dress Pant

Photo Credit: J.Crew

A good companion to their linen shirt, J.Crew makes a dress trouser in Irish linen as well. Earlier this summer I had been lamenting the lack of a good pair of pure linen trousers for under $100 to keep me cool in the 90 degree New Orleans heat. This looks to be the solution. At $80 on sale, the price is absolutely right. I’m going to be picking them up in light grey.

3. J.Crew Exclusive Jack Purcell Sneakers

Photo Credit: J.Crew

The Converse Jack Purcell is my favorite classic kick around sneaker. Last summer I bought J.Crew’s exclusively colored version and have been loving it ever since. It’s held up really well and is the kind of sneaker you can easily dress up with a blazer and khakis for an evening out at your neighborhood bar. They have a limited number of sizes online, but J.Crew usually has a greater variety on sale in their stores.

4. T.M. Lewin’s Four for 90 pounds Shirt Sale

Photo Credit: T.M. Lewin

I mentioned T.M. Lewin’s dress shirts last April because they are quite simply the best dress shirt that can be had for under $100 a piece. Not only is the price right, but at their current four for 90 pounds sale, you can have four dress shirts in any style or color for less than $40 each. That’s the foundation for a solid work wardrobe in one swipe of the credit card. With the pound still weak against the dollar, if you need dress shirts, this is a deal too good to miss. Here’s a great looking, understated summer check dress shirt from T.M. Lewin. Because you can get any four for this deal, you can mix and match to make your ideal work dress shirt wardrobe.

5. Lacoste Polo Shirt in a Summer Color

Photo Credit: Lacoste

Previously, I alluded to the fact that the classic Lacoste pique polo shirt always goes on sale. At their sticker price of $80, they are out of the typical price range for this Gentleman. At $55 each, as they are right now, they’re much easier on the wallet. Lacoste polos have, in my opinion, the best fit of any polo shirt on the market and the greatest variety of colors. For the summer, you can’t go wrong with a polo shirt in cerulean blue like this one.

If you find any other killer deals on summer clothing and accessories, please mention them in the comments. The Gentleman is always on the lookout for classic style on a shoestring budget.

Next week, The Gentleman begins investigating briefcases and messenger bags…



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3 responses to “The Gentleman: Summer Sales

  1. i love linen shirts, not so sure about the l inen pants, but great deals!

  2. The Gentleman

    Linen shirts are definitely a regional thing. During the summer in the South wearing jeans is torture!

  3. The Gentleman

    *Linen pants

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