Stolen Says: Suave Clive Owen

Stealthy, clever, witty and charming – that’s Clive Owen in a nutshell. He’s basically the real life version of James Bond. So suave, it almost hurts (but in such a good, good way). Besides an alluring accent and a penchant for action, James Bond and Clive Owen share an insanely high sense of style. Granted, Clive could wear a gunny sack and still look amazing; he is definitely one fellow who knows how to dress to the nines, rock it casually…and everything in between.

Some examples, if you please:

Below, Clive is with his elegant wife at the 54th Berlin Film Festival. I would normally steer any gentleman away from a blazer with that velvety texture and noticeable sheen – Johnny Weir wears enough sparkle and shine for most of the world’s men, after all. The sheen in question aside, Clive makes a sophisticated pairing with charcoal slacks and a well-chosen tie that creatively blends the two textures. He polishes the outfit with those gorgeous, gorgeous, black, round-toed lace-ups that pull it all together into one artful ensemble. The sleeves of his blazer are too long – that’s my main criticism of this outfit (and the goofy look on his face, but I’m presuming that he’s genuinely happy about something, which is great. So.).

Photo Credit: Zimbio

Photo Credit: Zimbio

Keep in casual, keep it suave. Even in his off-time, Clive upholds that celebrity cool. It’s all in the accessories – he combines the classic leather-banded watch, Tom Ford aviators, and a lightweight windbreaker over his basic faded jeans and black cardi combo. He could do better with his footwear. Clogs are generally meant for gardening and slippers for lounging around the house, and these look like the lovechild of the two. But considering that crocs (shudder) were an option he obviously skipped, and the clog-slipper-lovechild shoes are still fairly manly, I’ll let it slide. (But don’t you try to get away with it – because you won’t. Remember, he’s Clive Owen.)

Photo Credit: Sofemine

So far we’ve seen Mr. Owen outfitted casually, both in jeans and suit separates – now it’s time for the real thing. Below, Clive rocks that two-button, notch-lapel charcoal suit like it was made for him (… probably was). He’s got all aspects of his outfit down to a T. The suit fits like a glove. His four-in-hand knotted tie falls just above his belt, which complements the shoes but appropriately isn’t made from the same type of leather – too matchy-matchy is not sexy. The pants are flat front and the shoes, though a tad hard to scrutinize from this distance and angle, appear to be a match made in heaven. All he needs is a pocket square and a tie bar, and he’d be straight out of GQ; the lack of those details makes him seem a little rogue, though, which is kinda hot. And the bag. It takes a real man to pull off a duffel like that (I’d like to imagine it’s filled with classified documents, $3 million in foreign currency and passports from eight different sovereigns). Classic, durable and definitely the chicest form of function for a man.

Photo Credit: JustJared

Gentleman, this tip’s for you. Take note, for Clive Owen’s suave is all in the details; the length of the sleeves and the tie, the pairing of blazers with slacks and belts with shoes. It’s these little things that will put you one step ahead of Joe in the cube next to you. Subtlety is the key to suave. And yes, I love me some suave.



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2 responses to “Stolen Says: Suave Clive Owen

  1. This is a great guy to get cues from…but I would not be surprised if he had some help with his red carpet looks.

  2. Nothing like a handsome man in a nice suit. Love that last shot!

    xoxo, Ashley

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