Cubicle Chic’s 100th Post!

Although it feels like we started Cubicle Chic just yesterday, we posted our 100th entry this week! Technically, the 100th post was published Monday, but we wanted to save the celebration for Friday! In honor of the post-centennial, we compiled a few photos of our favorite Cubicle Chic moments. Thanks to all who have been spreading the love! P.S. – Expect another special post this afternoon!

How could we forget the launch party? It was such an amazing night!

We were such novices back in our first post 😉

It was cooold back then!

Playing dress up at our first SDV sale 🙂

The star-studded blogger-designed Coach bags party!

And of course…the infamous white dress that provoked quite the discussion on Corporette.

We also run the risk of super close ups…

… and looking tired – just for our readers!

Ahh…one of New York’s first (and last) spring days!


The cropped trousers obsession (this is NOT a fad, people).

One of the reasons we enjoy putting together Cubicle Chic is because we truly love bringing you the best in corporate fashion…and have far too much fun doing it!



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8 responses to “Cubicle Chic’s 100th Post!

  1. Heshani

    Happy 100th Ladies!!

  2. Congrats! I look forward to the next 100!


  3. Meredith

    FELICITATIONS! Raising my office coffee mug to 100 more posts and beyond!

  4. Sandy

    You two ROCK!

  5. That’s awesome! Congrats on your 100th post!!

  6. Congrats! Here’s to hundreds more posts!

  7. Sara

    Congrats!!! 😀

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