Nail Polish Colors

Your nails – both fingers and toes – are two of the most important details of personal presentation that can make a huge difference in a professional setting. Although they seem minute, a nice set of nails can make a world of difference when you want to look polished and put-together. A big part of this presentation, though, is making sure that the color you choose is flattering and appropriate for the workplace.

We don’t treat fingers and toes the same in this category, mainly because Cubicle Chic thinks you can push the envelope with your toes much more than you can with your fingers. For example, you can get away with wearing bright blue on your toenails, but that is a definite no-no for finger nails at work (at least in our office). Below, we’ve outlined our current favorite colors for fingers and toes.


You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI, Photo Credit: I am

Cubicle Chic is all about the gray lately. It’s different, but still neutral and understated. Last week we were both sporting the shade!

Chanel Nail Colour in Black, Photo Credit: Chanel

This is the shade that started the ubiquitous black-nail trend: Chanel nail colour. While we don’t think it’s worth $23 for a small bottle, we think it’s worth giving Chanel the credit 🙂

Essie in St. Lucia Lilac, Photo Credit: Essie

A subtle alternative to Essie’s infamous Ballet Slippers, this shade of St. Lucia Lilac is spot on for pre-Labor Day wear.


Illegal Purple by MAC, Photo Credit: Raging Rouge

You don’t have to thumb through many September issues to realize that purple is IN. Cubicle Chic can’t get enough, so we are excited to see a variety of shades on the racks this fall. This particular purple is so deep and royally divine, we think it would look excellent on everyone’s toes.

Nabi Glitter nail polish, Photo Credit: Metropark

Lights! Camera! Glitter! Some may pass this up as teenage material, but we adore the look of metallics on toe nails. [One of the Cubicle Chic ladies was daring enough to sport gold glitter on her finger nails this week and it totally lit up the office ;)] But if you want to play it safe your workplace, layer this on your toes for an ultra-sparkly, disco look.

Ocean Love Potion Nail Polish by Sephora by OPI, Photo Credit:

At first, we were skeptical about painting our toes green (read: nail fungus, ew!) but this color is so summery and fresh, we couldn’t resist. With a green that has a blue tint to it, you can’t go wrong.

We would also like to open up this topic to our readers – what are your thoughts on nail color for the office? What color or amount of sparkle would be crossing the line? Or is there even a line to be crossed? This is an especially relevant topic for the summer months since many offices relax their dress codes to include open-toed shoes. Is your sexy red polish too much peeking out of your peep toes? Let us know what you think!



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6 responses to “Nail Polish Colors

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  2. I’m loving the grey – think I may have to give it a shot soon!

    I actually think you can get away with more creativity on nails in the office – the key is keeping them short, and if any chips begin to show, saying buh bye to the mani!


    • You’re right about getting rid of the color once it starts to chip. Unfortunately I (Meredith) get lazy on this front, but it’s something I should be paying more attention to!

  3. these are wonderful colors. i’m dying to get the illegal purple by mac and the ocean love sephora opi one.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  4. Purple is definitely in this season – which makes me ecstatic as it’s my favorite color! Also I think a deep hue like that is great for the office as it shows that you are not afraid to stand out while humanizing you to others because you still want some ‘pretty’ in your style. Love it!

  5. Love it! My favorite fingernail polish colors are dark gray, dark navy blue, and bare (or nearly bare). With the toes it’s a lot more loose, though I still tend towards darker colors.

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