Obsession With Cropped Trousers: Part IV

Yes, folks, my obsession has struck YET AGAIN, and I doubt this is the last time. It seems I can’t get enough of this trend… and neither can fall fashion mags! I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that cropped trousers have become ubiquitous in the last month. This is a little reminder that yours truly was one of the first to adhere to the trend (I debuted them in June but picked them up in February), and I know I’ll be sticking by it seasons after it exits the scene. The trousers are a new find from Need Supply Co., one of my favorite online destinations for sales. I picked up this particular pair of trousers for half their original price – under $30. Not bad.

It’s all in the deets (and the pleats!).

In addition to the trousers, I adore the colors in this ensemble. They’re bright, but everything else about them is professional, striking a great balance. The button down is conservative in every other sense and the pumps are of the highest professional order: tall and pointy. Wearing candy brights is my remedy for gray, rainy days and apparently New York is in for a few like that this week. Get your colors ready…

Lindsay’s Look:

Shirt: H&M, $18

Trousers: Need Supply Co., $26

Pumps: Nine West, $40

Earrings: Courtesy of Meredith



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10 responses to “Obsession With Cropped Trousers: Part IV

  1. I am totally smitten with these trousers too (I wonder how on earth I’ll survive the colder months!?) I’m on a quest for some wide legged ones too.


    • Becca,

      I’m loving the wide-legged look as well. I have a vintage pair (SDV, naturally) but I’m on the lookout for more.

      In terms of wearing them for the colder months, I have a few suggestions. First, play with long socks! They’re on the grid for fall (especially ribbed ones) and they’ll keep you warm. Second, I think that wearing “hiker inspired boots,” the ones with laces that reach the ankle or mid-calf, are very chic with cropped trousers.


  2. I found some really similar looking pants at Zara on sale for $15 last week (in Canada)! They are definitely keepers.
    p.s. just came across ur site; loved the post on nyc!

  3. I love your trousers, I need to find something like that for work! I have the same pumps and I love them!


  4. Very cute! Love the colors!

  5. THANK YOU for the website (Need Supply Co). I will check it out. I love the outfit. Wark it girl!


  6. those pants are great! i adore the pleats, and the fit is perfect on you.

  7. I have a love affair with trousers too, the ones you’re wearing I love, esp. paired with those pink heels!


  8. Alice

    As much as I like the cropped trouser style on other people, I am very tall and thus have very, very negative emotions tied to my ankles showing in trousers. Chalk it up to a traumatic childhood.
    Also, those pleats? Look great on you but I’m not sure they’d complement my volleyball (read: large) thighs.

    • Ah, to be blessed with height! I often wish I was taller, and perhaps I can trace my obsession with cropped trousers to making my legs look longer. Pleats are always a crapshoot: sometimes they flatter, sometimes they do not. I have turned down many a pleated pant for the same reason (thighs), but I was excited when these worked out, especially because they were an online purchase and I didn’t have the luxury of trying them on. I refer you to Meredith’s posts: she’s super tall and often addresses the challenges of dressing for her endlessly long legs, ie long-enough pants and sexy kitten heels. Hope this helps!


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