Day to Night Romper

The Labor Day celebration of summer casual continues!

Rompers have been everywhere this summer. There are haters and there are hardcore fans, and I think I fall somewhere in between. Like the jumpsuit trend, there are both good and oh-so-horribly-bad rompers out there for us to choose from, so I would suggest thinking very carefully before spending some of your hard-earned cash on something that could be in a Goodwill donation bag next week. So I paused for a moment when I saw this romper at a recent SDV sale and thought: it’s kind of a strange color but… why not? Turns out, unlike many rompers I’ve seen around the city, this one doesn’t give you scary camel toe because it wraps around in front, plus it’s loose, comfortable and pleasantly accentuates the waist with its tie. In my book, this is a good example of a romper that can be allowed out of the house (unlike this one).

Oh, hold up! This romper does double duty! All I needed was a smashing pair of heels to totally transform the romper from a daytime look to a nighttime one. We also switched to taking photos in front of this adorable mural painted on the wall at a local Brooklyn public school. The colors were unbelievable and the imagination was so impressive! Check out the fire bird walking on stars below.

Wait, what’s that word again?? Oh, right… skort! Oooooo that word makes me cringe and reminds me of poor decisions made in the mid-nineties (I have an excuse, though – I was just 10 years old!), but clearly, those memories did not prevent me from buying this piece and wearing it out in public. Go figure.

The romper is such a strong statement all by itself, so I paired it with simple jewelry. These hoop earrings are great fun to wear, and I also added my purple lucite bangle to complement the turquoise heels. Ta da!

Meredith’s Look:

Romper: SDV, $15

Heels: SDV, $20

Lucite Bangle: The Beadin’ Path

Earrings: Courtesy of Lindsay

Purse: Courtesy of Lindsay

Sandals: Target, $20



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12 responses to “Day to Night Romper

  1. What a cute romper- perfect transformation! 🙂

  2. Kate

    The last picture of you is so damn cute! AND THOSE HEELS. I LOVE ‘EM!

  3. this look is so fabulous on you! great color my dear!

  4. Heshani

    I am such a big fan of this outfit! Meredith looks so great!!

  5. Meredith … I don’t even know where to begin … in this SDV romper!!!

    Because of your complexion and your GORGEOUS hair, the color is spectacular for you! I know now why this romper was tried on by **just about everyone,** but never sold.

    It was meant for YOU! xoxo

  6. The Gentleman

    Did your law firm send you to the 1960s? Love the Austin Powers-esque backdrop.

    • Hahaha well considering this outfit wouldn’t make it to the office, I think it’s safe to say they didn’t send me anywhere. I hadn’t thought of Austin Powers, but you’re right!

  7. Sandy

    You look terrific and the mural is great – we’re all made of stars – what a wonderful thought! I made a romper once – better forgotten, I think – glad there are no pictures…although I was much thinner then!

  8. What a great find–definitely a classy take on your run-of-the-mill romper (which I find to be cutesy, which some people like). Love the colors in your evening look!

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