Runway Inspiration: Variations on Camel

The verdict is in: camel is fall 2010’s color of choice! While wearing camel-colored clothes during autumn isn’t quite a novel idea, its pairing with ladylike tailoring is – and it has been reinvented for today’s modern women. This aspect of the fall collections has me quite excited because the ensembles are incredible inspiration for new office outfits… I can’t wait to pick up some pieces like this! Fall collections have been tending toward the career woman for the past couple of seasons ( šŸ™‚ ), but this time around I couldn’t have asked for a better interpretation. Big time designers like Marc Jacobs have started dressing “the real woman,” who presumably has curves (finally – thank you Mad Men), and they’ve also figured out that most consumers are not willing to dish out the big bucks on a piece that will be in one season and out the next. Although The Great Recession brought some tough times, it’s taught us a thing or two about healthy spending: when we’re ready to splurge, go all out on timeless pieces.

A few variations of camel have appeared this season. First, and most importantly, is the classic camel color itself. It remains a popular choice for outerwear, but is often paired with another “shade” of camel when it’s worn as a separate.

Les Copains / Photo Credit:

HermƩs / Photo Credit:

Charlotte Ronson / Photo Credit:


I think there’s a fresh take on the old classic camel: this shade of light beige featured below. It’s not quite creme fraiche, but it’s too light to be considered khaki. You heard it from us: forget about rules regarding wearing certain colors after Labor Day. If you need a little more convincing, I’ve provided photographic evidence showing how chic they look! Most of the colors I saw are yellow tinted, but I direct you to the ChloĆ© photograph. The model’s wide leg trousers are tinted pink… they’re blushing. Here’s a fashion paradox for you: this blush color looks great when paired with another similar color. In most instances, a pairing of hues this close in tone inevitably becomes a clash, but that was stylishly avoided by Ms. Hannah McGibbon, the head designer at ChloĆ©. She clearly knows how to work her color wheel.

Matthew Ames / Photo Credit:

Marc Jacobs / Photo Credit:

ChloƩ / Photo Credit:


And perhaps the most striking variation on camel is this rusty brown featured below. It could also be construed as a new take on red, but I think it echoes true camel so strongly, especially when worn with beige or taupe. Of the three variations, this is undeniably the boldest. The rustic, rich and vibrant hue reminds us of autumn’s fleeting fall foliage. In the Marni look, the color pairings are almost whimsical. Who would have thought that the sea green A-liner would pair so well with rust? Also of note is the ChloĆ©’s full body suit. I personally have been browsing for one that’s office appropriate for the past six months, but my casual search has yielded nothing thus far. What do you think: are full body suits appropriate in a conservative office setting? Does color matter? Would you wear this gorgeous ChloĆ© number?

ChloƩ / Photo Credit:

Marni / Photo Credit:

For a taste of how I’ll be wearing the look for fall, take a look at my latest Polyvore set below!

Cubicle Chic Goes Camel

Camel for Fall 2010

How will you be wearing camel this fall?



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6 responses to “Runway Inspiration: Variations on Camel

  1. Love this post! I love camel but find i have to find the right shade so it doesn’t wash me out.


  2. wonderful post! Chloe knows how to do neutral colors and the camel is gorgeous.

  3. I like your polyvore set! Very wearable. I think this monochrmatic camel trend is very chic but i’m nervous i might end up being washed out by all these neutrals.

    xoxo, Ashley

  4. I have yet to actually pull off anything camel, but I am dying for some form of camel outerwear right now!


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