Watercolor Top in Cobble Hill

This outfit was one of the few I bought after landing my first grown-up job a little more than a year ago. Looking back, it was a solid choice! It’s conservative enough, and the flowiness of the blouse goes quite well with the clean lines of the pencil skirt. One of the things that drew me to the top was its watercolor design – it was different from the other prints and solids I saw.

Although the cut and print are very pretty, I’m not crazy about the blouse’s sleeves. They are short and each has a little keyhole and two loose ends that tie into a bow. In addition to being poofy, their heaviness causes awkward movement, and to me, they look too “young.” But I think the top’s merits outweigh its flaws, so I find a way to make it work. Most often you’ll see me sporting a cardigan over it, and I’m thinking a fitted black blazer would also look sharp come fall. Here, I’m wearing it both ways. Which do you like best?

Don’t let its simplicity fool you: this necklace can add a lot of dimension to any outfit! The neckline of the blouse allows for a showy presentation; I personally think it adds a mysterious touch because it’s all black, like onyx – there are no traces of gold or silver to brighten its vibe. It’s also one of my favorite necklaces to wear casually because it looks simultaneously polished and effortless.

Lindsay’s Look:

Blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT, $45

Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor, $80

Bangles: H&M, $4

Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT, $35

Necklace: H&M, $12



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9 responses to “Watercolor Top in Cobble Hill

  1. Fran Stern

    You look fabulous…and very professional.

  2. Chelle

    I love the look either way. The blouse softens the look but the sweater makes it professional.

  3. You have such a nice smile!

  4. Ooo – I think I really like them cinched. I like the line it gives the outfit. I also think that color on you is flawless!


  5. I vote for no cardigan. The tied sleeves are pretty! It’s funny, the blouse’s print reminds me of the kimono top from Topshop that I tried on— http://www.graysonmaeny.com/2010/09/in-the-dressing-room-topshop/#more-684

  6. Alice

    Have you considered taking the blouse to a tailor and seeming if maybe they can close the keyhole/ties? It looks like they might be able to close them without ruining the lines too much, just a thought.
    Very cute look.

  7. What a beautiful blouse! I think the sleeve details are nice, but I know how you feel–sometimes I just don’t know about my clothes, but oftentimes I come back around.

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