What’s Your Cubicle Chic?

Pink Brick House

We were lucky enough to meet the ladies of Pink Brick House at a Sammy Davis Vintage sale (naturally) this past spring. After chatting them up, we realized that we are both duos, have a common interest in providing inspiration to women and that we all genuinely love what we do… suggesting a collaboration just seemed natural! Their photo shoot occurred at two of their favorite working locations: Jasmine’s East Village apartment and a cute cafe on Avenue A and 12th Street, Table 12 {read: free wifi}. Pink Brick House is more than just a website: it’s a venture that strives to empower women through media, style and culture. They both also do their own things in addition to operating PBH: Kristen freelances as an ad copywriter and Jasmine works with artists at Project for Empty Space.

Kristen Dolle, Creative Superstar

Jasmine Wahi, Businesswoman Extraordinaire

What defines your personal style?

Kristen: Inspiration and energy. I get so excited by New York and the life I lead here, I can’t help but wear bright colors and fun outfits.

Jasmine: I live by a code of discriminating tastes. When it comes to fashion, I’m all about black and sophisticated pieces accentuated with fantastic accessories and shoes.

Does your style change for your work outside of PBH?

K: Yes. I’ve found that most of the professional world is ruled by convention, so if I’m working as an employee on someone else’s turf, I’m most likely toning myself down, wearing lots of gray, white and black to fit in. But, I never hide my purple hair!

J: Nope, and thank God. I don’t have to go to someone else’s office, so I’m able to be 100% me at all times.

Do you feel like your state of dress or working environment has an effect on your work?

K: I dress for the moment and align my clothes and atmosphere to whatever I’m trying to achieve. If I have to write or code, I’m in sweats, in my apartment, in the wee hours of the night. If I need inspiration, I’m usually in a dress, dreaming in a café or frolicking around town. I’m really sensitive to energy, so all the details in my surroundings matter to me.

J: No, as I said, I’m really fortunate that I can work comfortably all the time.

What was your favorite item your wore during the “What’s Your Cubicle Chic” shoot?

K: I think my favorite thing was my turtle necklace. It’s a little treasure I found by surprise for $2 in a Maryland thrift shop. I’m not too crazy about the chain (it’s a bit disproportionate to the turtle), but his little face and personality are so precious, every time I look down and see him, I’m happy.

J: My leggings – because they were black (obviously) and they had gold zippers on them, which gives them an extra bit of character.

Along the same lines, do you have any favorite or go-to items you couldn’t live without?

K: White tanks, black leggings and skinny jeans. These are the staple pieces that make colorful outfits look good instead of crazy.

J: Black tops. Any shape, any style, black tops always work.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

K: From children. Children have the most amazing energy and aren’t afraid to wear things they like because they like them. Silly bandz, animal shirts, glitter ballet skirts… yes, yes, yes.

J: Umm, the goth contingent circa 1993? I’m just kidding — I wear black because it’s the easiest thing to wear and it highlights my jewelry. That’s really my claim to fame – jewels!

Any style secrets to share?

K: Whiten your teeth. A lot of people don’t have white teeth, but that’s one of the most important things you can do to enhance your appearance. Everyone will like you more, trust me. Also, Kerastasé conditioner. I’m a conditioner fiend and Kerastasé is hands down the absolute best.

J: Red lipstick.

What has been your biggest fashion faux-pas? (Come on… we all have them!)

K: I like to experiment. And really, there’s no such thing as faux-pas anymore. Personality is what’s most important — if you don’t have that, nothing else matters, and if you do, then you’ll be fabulous no matter what you wear.

J: Wearing American Apparel. I’m so happy it’s going bankrupt.

Has working together influenced your individual senses of style?

We wouldn’t say working together has influenced each other’s styles, but it has made us more confident about who we are and how we represent that. Jasmine’s the exclusive businesswoman and Kristen’s the creative superstar.

Have the women you work with through PBH impacted your style (or have you impacted theirs)?

No one copies or “borrows” anything look-wise from each other even though everyone dishes out compliments all the time (everyone we work with has so much unique style and we’re all kind of obsessed with each other). In terms of impact, we instill confidence and strength in each other, which immediately comes across in the way we carry ourselves.

What’s it like working as a duo?

It’s really, really fun. Going after our dreams, with a purpose that means so much to others, is thrilling. And it’s great having someone to share the highs, lows, and everything in between with.

How do you like working from NYC?

NYC is great because everyone is here. If you want to network with someone, anyone, you email them and meet them for lunch. You can’t really do that anywhere else.

Plus, New York is a city of dreams, where people come to have adventure, push themselves, and get rich — that challenges us to go even further with what we’re trying to do.

What kind of influence does your East Village hangout have on your style?

The East Village is filled with so many authentic people – most are young and determined, and some have been here since the 60s and are quite striking both in personality and looks. Overall, the influence is very much about keeping it real, not being pretentious and enjoying life. That’s how we like to be.

These girls have attitude!



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  1. Jasmine Wahi is so colorful! And I love both of their necklaces!

    Please visit my blog 😀

  2. Jodie

    Love Jasmine’s ankle chain – so cute.

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