Black Shirt, Skirt and Shoes

You may remember this skirt from a post earlier this spring. I wouldn’t call this a remix, however, because instead of mixing pieces up, I just took a few away. Without the khaki jacket, because it was so HOT this summer, I felt very “New York” walking to work dressed in all black. The outfit also felt new because I had my hair up and added the silver necklace.

Thank goodness it wasn’t a windy day… this skirt is particularly prone to flipping up!

Is it too depressing to wear all black? The thought didn’t even cross my mind until Lindsay mentioned that I looked like I could be on my way to a funeral. I’m a fan of all black, though. Can you wear too much of it to work? It’s slimming, chic, classic and easy. The only risk is putting together different shades of black; sometimes, clothing seems to fade to a green tint and other times, it fades to a grayish one. My favorite black cardigan is looking rather green these days, so I can’t wear it with my black trousers or skirts. So frustrating! Any cleaning tips for preventing color fading? I’m thinking of trying Clorox for colors because I’m seeing it advertised everywhere these days.

Meredith’s Look:

Top: Banana Republic, $45

Skirt: Banana Republic, $25

Shoes: Bandolino, $50

Necklace: Courtesy of Lindsay (a perk of working with

someone who will lend you things!)



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7 responses to “Black Shirt, Skirt and Shoes

  1. You look gorgeous! I had so much fun talking with you last night and I can’t wait till we hang out again. When you get back let’s get to work on our blogger meet up 🙂

  2. great look, still light and fresh because the weather is still warm but perfect for work.

  3. M you DO look super chic! I daresay you’d fit right in at Glamour w/that hair and those accessories. So NY. Black is…like a default. As I tell my friend T (who’s a grad student and always asks whether she has to dress up) if you’re really worried about it, just wear all black and you’ll be golden.

  4. Heshani

    Meredith looks lovely! This is my choice of style all year long, always flexible and chic – – – I love it!!

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